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Join us on Wednesday October 12th

For “Sacramento’s R & R”
(Recap and Realizations)

Join us for a Panel Discussion with successful local investors, contractors and agents, Laurel Sagen, Gordie Mc Carty and Mike Gobbi to learn what’s happening TODAY and what we can likely expect TOMORROW in our local Sacramento real estate market. Is there something new, what’s worked and as well as “things to avoid” in our Real Estate market.

See you on Second Wednesday, October 12th

When: Wednesday October 12th
Meeting before the meeting from 6:00 PM – 6:30 (all are welcome)
Networking 6:30 PM – 7:00
Meeting from 7 PM – 9:00 / 9:30

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Join Ryan Lundquist on the Wednesday October 9th   “As seen on TV” Ryan is our local go to Real Estate professional for Sacramento including CBS! Plus Comstock’s magazine has launched his column, “On the Market.”  

Join Ryan Lundquist on the Wednesday October 9th


 “As seen on TV” Ryan is our local go to Real Estate professional for Sacramento including CBS! Plus Comstock’s magazine has launched his column, “On the Market.”


“Top trends to watch for keeping YOU ahead of the market”

Want to get & stay a step ahead of the competition?


Ryan is one of our most requested speakers & as a certified residential appraiser in the Sacramento area, Ryan helps illuminate the local real estate market through his top U.S. ranked Sacramento Appraisal Blog.


Ryan is a teacher at heart & teaches classes for appraisers & agents. His clients include homeowners, governmental agencies, attorneys, real estate professionals & lenders.


Ryan will talk about what’s happening with prices, sales volume, iBuyer models, issues affecting inventory, etc… Ryan will leave you with an understanding of the big picture of what the market is doing as well as some ideas for where to focus YOUR business in coming time. Ryan will cover:


  • What’s happening with prices & sales volume
  • iBuyer models (as investors we provide a unique service)
  • Issues affecting inventory and more …


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Meetings are FREE to annual members and $25.00 per meeting for non-members. Annual membership is $200.00 single membership and $350.00 for couples.

When: Second Wednesday October 9th 

Meeting before the meeting 6:00 – 6:30 all are welcome.

Networking 6:30 – 7:00

Meeting from 7:00 – 9:00

Where: Crowne Plaza 5321 Date Ave Sacramento off 80 & Madison Ave

Join us Wednesday September 11th & learn to position your business to take advantage in the next Real Estate market transition.

Wish you pulled the trigger on your first rental or you had a larger rental portfolio?

Adrian, shares some of the key steps to owning rentals.


As investors we need to anticipate market trends before they happen through data, not emotions, by making calculated decisions being informed, Creating Financial Freedom.

In Adrian’s New Year presentation, right after Proposition 10 had been voted down, he predicted that California would adopt a blanket rent control bill by 2019. Have you heard of AB1482 and the Sacramento City Rent Control ordinance that passed?!  He also stated that interest rates would decrease by Q3-Q4 at a time when interest rates were increasing. Have you seen how low long-term interest rates are?

Adrian will discuss the many upcoming opportunities on the horizon.

That’s why it’s so important to join us for “The Transition Ahead”

Join us on September 11th and learn:


  • Opportunities in a Rent Controlled market
  • Overview and state of the Sacramento residential multifamily market
  • The specifics of the proposed blanket CA Rent Control bill and other legislations
  • Legislation impacts on residential multifamily real estate
  • The pros and cons to Out-of-State multi-family investments from Adrian’s own personal experiences
  • Which US states and cities are experiencing the most growth (You’ll be shocked at one of the statistics!)
  • Lending Criteria, guidelines, and how to underwrite your next opportunity (Rob Gutowsky, Tri-Counties Bank)

Join us on the Second Wednesday August 14th & learn how Homeowners and Landlords can benefit from Accessory Dwelling Units

Find out how to take advantage of California’s new “granny flat” law. Knowledge is power…

Greg Nickless is the Housing Policy Analyst for California’s Department of Housing and will discuss ADU units.  Although the concept of an ADU has not changed, the laws and regulations have. You will want to come hear from the experts to see what your options are if an ADU is right for you. The new state law is a big change for homeowners – landlords and we can benefit from these changes, if you know how!

Expect to Learn:

  • What the rules are
  • What permits are required
  • How to get started
  • What is the financial commitment

Did you know that California just made it easier than ever for homeowners to add a second unit? Also known as a granny flat, in-law suite, garage conversion or carriage house, the official name in our state is Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU).

Folks are using ADUs to

  • House an elderly relative
  • House an adult child,
  • House a caregiver for a disabled family member,
  • Rent for additional income, or
  • Live in while renting their primary residence.

Bio for Greg Nickless

Mark your calendars for our SECOND largest event of the year at NorCalREIA on Wednesday, June 12th…

Join us Wednesday, June 12th  and learn how Tony Alvarez has been playing the ”Real Estate Game”-TO WIN for 41 years!    It is simple… Not easy!

Tony’s schedule is quite busy and he subsequently only selects a few key clubs to speak with. As the only club in Northern California Event to host Tony, we are honored and excited.


Tony will cover:

  • How to start making MONEY in today’s changing real estate market – regardless of your present financial situation.
  • How to increase your monthly income and Net Worth by securing profitable cash flow properties in ANY Real Estate market.
  • How to Protect and Grow you’re Wealth by hanging onto your hard earned EQUITY, eliminating debt and deferring capitol gains tax’s – LEGALLY.


“To get & stay Wealthy playing The Real Estate Game, takes learning & mastering a few basic steps- it’s not rocket science, and anyone who tells you otherwise, or tries to make it seem more complicated, is basically full of crap!” – Tony Alvarez



Tony Alvarez has been a successful Real Estate Investor and Certified General Appraiser in Southern California area since 1981.

More importantly, Tony made a fortune buying and selling properties while working with professional real estate Agents that specialize in selling lender owned (REO) foreclosure properties. He did it all in seven years and in one of the lowest priced most depressed Southern California real estate markets, the Antelope Valley.

Tony has purchased, rehabbed, rented and sold hundreds of properties from vacant land to condos, single family residences, apartments and commercial properties.

Tony started his real estate career working as a staff appraiser for Great Western and Glendale Federal Bank and is approved by hundreds of Lenders and Insurance Companies, as well as, Government Agencies. He has worked with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, FDIC and the RTC (Resolution Trust Corp.) He has an in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of Lenders and their REO (lender owned) departments.

Tony’s knowledge of real estate, appraisal, finance, and investing is vast and varied. He brings a unique perspective to the real estate investment community. Tony is a sought after speaker and has previously spoken at The Norris Group’s Multi-Millionaire Maker in 2005 and 2006, as well as, other Real Estate Investment Clubs in Southern California.

Join us on Wednesday February 13, 2019 to find out the ins & outs of mobile home park investing presented by an active investor in this space.

Join us on Wednesday February 13, 2019 to find out the ins & outs of mobile home park investing presented by an active investor in this space.

Mobile Home Parks are an alternative asset class commonly known for producing consistent amounts cash flow and a proven wealth builder vehicle for owners, operators and investors. J

Join us and you will learn:

  • Why Mobile Home Parks?
  • How to look for deals?
  • Pitfalls and opportunities
  • How to build relationships that open doors for deals?
  • How to value mobile home parks?
  • Doing the deal: Sale protocol, deal structure, negotiation and due diligence
  • An overview to financial analysis and financial ratios – what they mean?
  • How to build a portfolio part-time – where it make sense…
  • Understanding hidden opportunities: Water Rights Ownership and other lucrative avenues
  • Additional income streams – mobile home notes, storage, non-compliance, late and transfer fees
  • How to increase property value by adding one mobile home to your property
  • Management challenges and operational systems
  • Creating steady cashflow month after month

Joe began investing in 2002 and since then he has been involved in multiple transactions. During the meltdown, he decided to stop flipping houses and to begin building monthly cash flow by owning and operating mobile home parks. Things were not easy at first, as his first mobile home park deal was a major 141 space REO turn around property purchased at the end of 2008.  After lots of lessons learned…including a potential property rezoning notice from the City was incredible, but he and his partner were able to navigate through turbulent waters safely to shore.  The second community was a seller direct 74 space deal, acquired on December of 2012 a “Turn Key” property that showed a profit immediately.  After streamlining the operations the third 98 space MHP came along, also a seller direct deal and promised a great upside potential acquired on August, 2015.  The fourth deal was seller financed on January 2016 with strategic asset allocation tax strategies. This property is a bit of a “Hybrid” as it has 68 mobile homes, 38 RV Spaces, four single family houses, two duplexes and one commercial building. On November of 2017 the first three properties sold for a premium and Joe was able to 1031 exchange into other MHP’s and Apartment Buildings and RV Parks giving him a true sense of passive income.  Joe is the founder of The OC Investment Club – FIBI ( with 7700+ members.  He often speaks about the asset class at local investment clubs, he was also invited to teach about alternative investing opportunities at a Bruce Norris sponsored event on September 8, 2018.  Joe loves to mountain bike and to play soccer as much as possible.

NorCalREIA presents one of most requested speakers “Richard Kelly” on the Second Wednesday January 9th, 2019

Richard Kelly is real estate investor who’s grown his business in Northern California. He started with no money in the San Francisco Bay Area. His focus had to be simple – keep it profitable. He started flipping houses and before moving into multi-unit ownership four years ago, his deals generated over $1 million in profit and equity annually.


He decided to focus on multi-unit ownership for ongoing passive income and forced appreciation. The evening will reveal the challenges he faced on that journey, and ultimately his decision to sell his California holdings.


Richard’s been a full-time real estate investor for the past 14 years. Before switching into investment, Mr. Kelly worked was a journalist for 12 years. Richard has a BA in Economics and an MBA in Finance.

“Make no mistake some of our best deals are CREATED in this 4th quarter” Creating Opportunities in a Transitioning Market. November 14th presented by Michael Morrongiello-

“Make no mistake some of our best deals are CREATED in this 4th quarter” Join us November 14th when Michael share’s his strategies for creatively investing in today’s changing market. Once again there is opportunity for those of us who are prepared.

Michael has been an active investor since the early 80’s. He has seen markets go up / down and sideways. He knows there are opportunities to be created in each of these Real Estate markets. Michael understands opportunities will be crafted in each of these cycles including a recession. He is currently successfully crafting deals.

Wholesale, Flipping or Rentals it’s all about the numbers.

Michael will share:

  • Where the market going with history as a measurement.
  • Two important factors that drive market cycles.
  • Price is not always “everything” to a seller.
  • Learn what to ask to find out their motivation.
  • Lifestyle plays a very important role in our investing.
  • Understand what is your lifestyle may be.
  • Tips and Traps for safely doing business in a Transitioning Market.


On Wednesday August 8th Laurel will teach us how she has flipped over 300 houses. Even before Sacramento became the 7th “HOTTEST” Real Estate market in the United States.

On Wednesday August 8th Laurel will teach us how she has flipped over 300 houses. Even before Sacramento became the 7th “HOTTEST” Real Estate market in the United States.

On August 8th we will be looking at the Business of Flipping Houses

Yes, Sacramento is the 7th hottest Real Estate market in the U.S.

Our speaker Laurel Sagen is the co-founder of

Laurel has flipped over 300 houses over 20 years.  She has done all types of Houses from 50K rentals to million dollar custom homes.

She is also a co-owner of one of the largest wholesale companies in Northern California, so she is in unique position to speak to all aspects of the house flipping business. Laurel will cover:

The Business of Real Estate vs The Investment Vehicle of Real Estate

  • Are you an Investor who uses Real Estate?
  • Are you in Real Estate Investor?
  • Or are you in the business of Real Estate?
  • Wholesaling, Flipping, Rentals, Lending, Agent or…?

Flipping Business:  Is this for you?

  • What’s the best way to get started?
  • What does it take to be successful?
  • How to can you avoid costly mistakes?
  • How can you not succumb to the dreaded analysis paralysis?

Join us for a comprehensive conversation about the realities of the Business of Real Estate and using Real Estate as a vehicle to fulfill your goals and dreams.

Mark your calendar for August 8th and build your real estate business to the next level. Learn to take action. Massive action!

It’s extremely difficult creating deals in today’s market. Learn TARGETED MARKETING! Market like the big players. Wednesday June 13th

We all face some extremely difficult challenges finding – creating deals in today’s Real Estate Market. Learn to hone your most important skill for success. TARGETED MARKETING! Market like the big players.

 Learn the DIRECT MARKETING tools that the big guy’s implement. Blackstone, Target, Home Depot and R.C. Willey’s know what message will get results.

Learn to craft your message and create deals on June 13th & July 11th

Real estate investing is not all about numbers. Investors who deliver the right message to the right market will win more deals.

Learn to “Get Your Message Right and get MORE Deals” on June 13th

Aaron Norris “Major Trends for Marketing Dominance” on July 11th


David La Plante / PropertyRadar on the Second Wednesday June 13th  Learn to Get Your Message Right or Get Fewer Deals 

Let’s face it, being an investor today is more challenging than it’s ever been. But despite a tight market and more competition, most investors are wasting a lot of marketing dollars sending the wrong messages and wondering why they are not seeing results.

Join PropertyRadar CMO David LaPlante as he shares insights, stories, and strategies cultivated from managing over $100 million in client marketing spend to grow businesses with data-smart targeting and irrational marketing appeal.

In this presentation, David will cover:

  • Simple brain science behind marketing and messaging.
  • Basic behavior science for knowing how and when to craft a message.
  • The top 10 mistakes most investors are making in their marketing.
  • Understanding the power of story and why it is critical getting results.
  • Why less is more. Less money spent. More results.
  • How the process of determined target marketing is crucial to getting response and driving deals.

With over ten years observing the actions and behaviors of tens of thousands of real estate investors, Realtors®, and small, local businesses, David’s uncovered the habits, strategies, and techniques of those winning deals and growing their business in competitive local markets.

Bio – David La Plante

NorCalREIA presents Appraisal expert & Nationally recognized Appraisal Blogger Ryan Lundquist Second Wednesday May 9th

NorCalREIA presents Appraisal expert & Nationally recognized Appraisal Blogger Ryan Lundquist Second Wednesday May 9th



The next THREE months NorCalREIA is focusing on exactly that. With the best in the business. Bruce Norris was here in March for 200 investors sharing the market has room to grow, today and tomorrow. Did I mention Northern California has “9” of the top 20 hottest real-estate markets in the country per Realtors .com. Here is our amazing MARKETING line up.


First up is Ryan Lundquist Second Wednesday May 9th


“Top 5 market trends in Sacramento (& appraisal stuff)”


Ryan’s Sacramento Appraisal Blog, is a top-ranking appraisal blog in the U.S.


Wondering where the Sacramento market is really at – statistically?

Bruce shared Northern California statistics. Ryan drills down locally.


Curious how so many other investors are finding deals in today’s market?

Market knowledge and MARKETING that creates a solution.

Learn the “Top 5 trends in Sacramento” and create solutions – deals.


What is our market currently doing? That’s a question we’re always wondering about. Come hear appraiser and blogger Ryan Lundquist talk through some of the biggest trends unfolding today in Sacramento’s housing market. Ryan will share detailed insight into how values are moving and why they are moving. Ryan will also share some helpful value examples from recent appraisals that might give you ideas for how to price properties and make money.


View Ryan’s insight at

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