Wish you pulled the trigger on your first rental or you had a larger rental portfolio?

Adrian, shares some of the key steps to owning rentals.


As investors we need to anticipate market trends before they happen through data, not emotions, by making calculated decisions being informed, Creating Financial Freedom.

In Adrian’s New Year presentation, right after Proposition 10 had been voted down, he predicted that California would adopt a blanket rent control bill by 2019. Have you heard of AB1482 and the Sacramento City Rent Control ordinance that passed?!  He also stated that interest rates would decrease by Q3-Q4 at a time when interest rates were increasing. Have you seen how low long-term interest rates are?

Adrian will discuss the many upcoming opportunities on the horizon.

That’s why it’s so important to join us for “The Transition Ahead”

Join us on September 11th and learn:


  • Opportunities in a Rent Controlled market
  • Overview and state of the Sacramento residential multifamily market
  • The specifics of the proposed blanket CA Rent Control bill and other legislations
  • Legislation impacts on residential multifamily real estate
  • The pros and cons to Out-of-State multi-family investments from Adrian’s own personal experiences
  • Which US states and cities are experiencing the most growth (You’ll be shocked at one of the statistics!)
  • Lending Criteria, guidelines, and how to underwrite your next opportunity (Rob Gutowsky, Tri-Counties Bank)