Join us for one of our largest meeting of the year, Third Thursday April 19th with
Sean O’Toole founder of Foreclosure Radar. Our last meeting over 130 investors
packed two rooms for the first part of our two part series and market update.

Third Thursday, April 19th, Part two. Sean O’Toole of foreclosure radar, is
teaching us what the statistics from Bruce’s part one are based on and where
he sees us going in this market, using his marketing tools. Sean spends over
a million dollars a year for access to this information. Hear Sean’s foreclosure
update, predictions on where we are headed and some thoughts on where he
currently see’s the best opportunities.

Part one, March 15, 2012. Bruce Norris enlightened us with informative statistics
about today’s market. Including ideas about the magical world of shadow
inventory and revealed how banks are hiding this mythical ball of inventory.
Statistics on the negative equity mix in California. Percentages of delinquent
loans and delinquent loans destined to become REOs or short sales.

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