Get in the front of the competition by learning to Create DEAL’S in a Rent Controlled Market. Create opportunities Wholesaling, Flipping and being a successful Landlord by understanding rent control…


Our Professionals:

Chris Airola president of the “Rental Owners Association” and Adrian Del Rio, owner – Broker PCG Commercial


Another segment in the Real Estate market is emerging. Take DELIBERATE action for your Real Estate Investing. Get in front of other investors, Hedge Funds and all the folks that will follow this opportunity.

Expect to Learn:

Hard work meeting opportunity…

  • State of Sacramento Multifamily economy
  • What happens to rents?
  • What happens to prices? Case studies
  • Does legislation get tighter or looser when it doesn’t work? What to expect and how to prepare!
  • What does an opportunity look like and how to work through it.
  • Rent Caps – No Big Deal
  • Just Cause Eviction – This is a Big Deal
  • What Properties are Included?
  • How to work with tenants during sale
  • Rent Control Opportunities for Investors – Realtors