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    NorCalREIA, Sacramento’s oldest real estate investor club consists of a vast range of real estate experience.  Our members consist of agents, brokers, and lenders, including a large group of investors whose experience ranges from newbie to years of experience. 2019 provides the educated and dedicated investor opportunities to create wealth one step at a time in a supportive environment.

    Upcoming Meetings in 2020:
    Always the SECOND Wednesday…

    NorCalREIA 2020 Our BEST year yet!


    What will it take to succeed in a year of uncertainty?

    March 11th join Bruce and over 200 of your closest friends in Real Estate. Bruce Norris – long time investor – builder and hard money lender – shares his top six things investors need to succeed in 2020.

    2020 will be a unique and challenging year. In addition to all the crucial charts we track, it’s imperative to talk about six critical categories:

    Discussions and insights:
    • Inventory to exit while you still have time
    • Overcoming barriers in 2020 that will stop most investors
    • Uncover creative profit centers in 2020 (using recent deals as examples)
    • Hone negotiating skills for profitable deals when others fail
    • Taking inventory of all your assets and putting them to good use
    • Writing a new set of goals that will drive you to new heights in 2020

    Saturday March 14th Bruce Norris All Day Event

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Upcoming Events

BRUCE NORRIS Saturday MARCH 14TH @ 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Join us as Bruce Norris presents strategies California investors are using in today’s market.

Having difficulty finding deals? Worried we’re in a bubble and not sure whether you should buy, hold, or run? Don’t worry! Let Bruce Norris – the undisputed expert on California real estate — teach you step-by-step the special skills and strategies you need, not just to succeed, but to supersede all boundaries of normal “success” in 2020 and beyond.

For questions, call Joey Romero 951-780-5856 with questions.
Event held @ Crowne Plaza 5321 Date Ave Sacramento CA 95841

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