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    We are “LIVE" with our Deal Maker Breakfast. Annual members and Affiliates join us for our LIVE monthly meetings, the following Friday after the second Wednesday's ZOOM event.
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    Annual membership is $300. Two monthly meetings, mentorship and many other tools are available to annual members.
    Reach out to David@NorCalREIA.com

    NorCalREIA, Sacramento’s oldest real estate investor club consists of a vast range of real estate experience, we are celebrating our 19th year!
     Our members consist of agents, brokers, and lenders, including a large group of investors whose experience ranges from newbie to years of experience. 2023 provides the educated and dedicated investor opportunities to create wealth one step at a time in a transitioning environment.

    Upcoming Meetings in 2023:
    Meetings are the SECOND Wednesday @ 5pm a zoom event and LIVE the following Friday for Annual Members 7:00 -7:30 am, NETWORKING. 7:30 - 9:00 meeting.

    The NorCalREIA is a big part of our success. Not only does David bring in top notch speakers and provides awesome education at such a low cost, but the spirit of the club, getting to know, like and trust other investors and business owners in the Sacramento Area provides real opportunities! Like the saying goes, Investing is a team sport and NorCalREIA is a big part of our team. If you are a new investor or a very seasoned one the club provides so much to help grow your business.

    Join our monthly educational webinars on the second Wednesday of the month followed by “LIVE” Sacramento event following Friday. Our EXTRAORDINARY education includes:

    September 13th - Sean O'Toole Founder & president of PropertyRadar www.propertyRadar.com
    Investors #1 tool!

    NorCalREIA 2023 Our BEST year yet!

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Upcoming Events




Join us as Bruce and Aaron Norris share Keep, Sell, Create, exploring the inventory to stop, drop and roll in a shifting marketing covering topics like ibuyers, opportunity zones, and ADUs in the Northern California region.


Fresh off of The Norris Group’s sold-out seminar, Turmoil: The Coming Storm of Change(s), Bruce and Aaron Norris are back sharing with California investors where to find deals, which ones to stop and drop, and how to create deals in a shifting market.


“Keep-Sell-Create” is on March 14th in Sacramento.

“The majority of the deals from our hard money loan division comes from investors chasing sellers with equity and investors creating value in deals,” says Aaron Norris.” We expect real estate investors to pay more attention to value-driven deals in 2020 as iBuyers continue to expand in the market and as new rules for Opportunity Zones and ADUs finally gain traction.”

“We’re somewhere between Q4-Q1,” says Bruce Norris. In The Norris Group’s Quadrant System, Q4 explores focuses on strategies when the California market is going from a flat to a boom market. Q1 is the California market where things level off right before a downturn.

“It’s incredibly important for California investors to review their current strategies, review their rental inventory, and make sure they are executing on deals and strategies that are recession-proof,” Bruce says. “As we explored in Turmoil, the risk mine not come from economics but from politics as we head into a tumultuous election season.”


Opportunity is here! Per usual, success in California real estate is not “magic.” It’s not “luck.” It’s not even “who you know.”

Success in this market comes from applying a set of predetermined skills and strategies – or in plain language, “know-how.” And it’s downright formulaic. Once you have the formulas and are armed with the latest emerging strategies, you’ll know how to use them again and again in a market like this one.


At this exclusive one-day event, we’re covering brand new information as well as updating key strategies working in today’s market with some key Northern California insights. We plan to cover:

  • Where we’re at in the cycle
  • Reviewing your portfolio to understand which inventory gets hit first and hardest in recessions
  • iBuyers and updates on the Sacramento “buy box”
  • New iBuyers in the Sacramento market and ones that will soon enter
  • 2020 Update on opportunity zone investing
  • Sacramento ADU rules, costs, and opportunities
  • Creating deals others miss
  • Subject to investing
  • And much more…

And this is where it gets exciting!


Attendees to this one-day event get one full year access to The Norris Group’s learning portal. The portal includes Bruce’s complete (and growing) California “Only” Investor Series. This series once sold for $3,000. Now, it’s all digitized, being updated regularly, and features over 70+ hours of how-to California investor education!

In addition, you’ll receive the quarterly TNG Economic Update Newsletter and be able to interact on the live quarterly follow-up webinar where Bruce will take your questions live. We’ve also got lots of great investor discounts with partners including Wayfair.com, Staples, ProFlowers, and LampsPlus. Use just a few of these partners in a year and easily cover the cost of the workshop and subscription!

So…this means with a device and an internet connection, you can access the entire investor library which includes audio and video recordings of all the strategies. This allows us to hand-pick the most important to focus on for investors in the Nor Cal area. This means less talking on strategies that don’t work and more on those that are working!

Single entry ticket includes TNG VIP Membership and all its benefits, live event with manual and lunch will be provided. The double entry includes one portal subscription.

2020: Keep-Sell-Create

Single Registration: $447
Includes one-year subscription and attendance, book, and lunch.

Add Turmoil for $97: The Coming Storm of Change(s)? It’s only $97 additional ($547 total) when you buddle the Sacramento event. It comes with eight hours of market timing information, a 250-page color manual that we’ll ship, and access to video from the live event shot in February. Register here to add Turmoil and the Sacramento event.

Double Registration: $597
Includes one-year subscription for ONE attendee, two live event tickets, two books, and lunch.


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