NorCalREIApresents Sean O’Toole

One of our LARGEST meetings of the year!

Market Update and Buying Right”


Learn Why Your Investment Position in 2014 is More Critical Than Ever.

Second Wednesday June 11th at 7 pm

Join us for the Meeting Before The Meeting – 5:30pm – 6:30

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Do you understand the current housing climate and how we got here?


Want to know what lies ahead? 


Join NorCalREIA and Sean O’Toole to unveil key indicators and tipping points that foretell what lies ahead for California real estate investors.

Sean road the tech bubble in the 90s, then sold all of his stocks at the end 99 before the crash. 


He then bought gold in 2002 and road the real estate bubble until 2005 when he sold all of his properties before the bubble burst.


Sean saw the coming wave of foreclosures before anyone else and launched ForeclosureRadar, which grew to be the top information service in the country and was featured on 60 minutes. 


Sean then shorted the market in Sept 2008, and correctly predicted there would be NO wave of foreclosures in 2009 when everyone else said it was coming. Sean launched PropertyRadar in 2013.”

Sean O’Toole successfully purchased and flipped more than 150 residential and commercial foreclosures before launching PropertyRadar. Leveraging 15 years in the software industry, Sean used technology as a key competitive advantage to build his successful real estate investment track record. At this meeting you will learn:

  • Market Update for Investors
  • Buying Right – The Best Deals
  • Reducing Risk
  • Managing Time
  • How to Find Opportunities Today

Discover if we going to fall off a cliff or make millions? Exactly how should California Real Estate investors be prepared for an explosion in investment opportunities, a serious drought or more appreciation in 2014?  Sean O’ Toole, PropertyRadar CEO explains why investors need to carefully watch trigger points that could blow up the economy and everything we believe about smart investing.

Learn how 2013 set the stage for 2014, which economic scenarios could unfold and what real estate investors absolutely must do to be prepared to make money and reduce risk. Learn new angles and how to leverage data like you’ve never thought possible, or even a good idea.

This incredibly important presentation that could seriously make the difference in boom or bust for your own financial outlook in 2014.

Second Wednesday June 11th, 2014

Market Update and Buying Right”
Presented by Sean O’Toole, PropertyRadar

Join us for the Meeting Before The Meeting – 5:30pm – 6:30

FREE Hands-On PropertyRadar Workshop!


Come early, bring your Tablet or laptop and we’ll do live searches for investment deals using PropertyRadar. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn directly from the CEO Sean O’Toole!