Kick off the New Year with a plan…

Join us virtually on the SECOND Wednesday, January 14th learn to “CREATE” Opportunities in a Transitioning Market

Adrian Del Rio-


Adrian share’s his strategies for safely investing in today’s changing market. Once again there is opportunity for those of us who are prepared.

Adrian is an active investor. He has seen markets go up, down and sideways. He knows there are opportunities to be found in each of these Real Estate scenarios. Adrian has prospered during down times and recessions. He is currently crafting deals today for tomorrow’s financial security. Wholesaling, Flipping or Rentals it’s all about the numbers.


Adrian will share:

  • Where do we see this market going with history as a measurement?
  • Two important factors that drive market cycles.
  • Price is not always everything to a seller. Learn what can be.
  • Lifestyle plays a very important role in our investing. What is your lifestyle?
  • Tips and Traps for safely doing business in a Transitioning Market.


Learn how you REALLY can create wealth in your life. Create financial security for you and your family. Enough to last a lifetime.


You asked for something to wreak havoc in the markets, right? Well it happened and this is how I’m working through it and prospering.

There is no charge for this event. Click here to register…

I may not make a dent in our homeless problem

I WILL make a difference in someone’s life…  David Granzella ~ 2020