Join us on July 8th when NorCalREIA hosts Aaron Mazzrillo teaching us on Wholesaling & Beyond…

     You won’t want to miss this informative presentation on

         “Ways and plays to make money in California”


     If Wholesaling is your goal, learn from one of the best!


Aaron Mazzrillo, a seriously Pro-California investor will walk you through 10 recent transactions, all with unique situations and break down each deal step-by-step. You’ll learn who he bought the property from, how he solved the seller’s problem, what he was paid for his services and how he was still able to pass along a profitable deal to his end buyer on wholesale deals and a variety of other exit strategies he utilized.

About Aaron Mazzrillo

Aaron runs a wholesaling business out of Riverside. He’s been investing in southern California properties since 2002 and is a pro-California investor. He’s well known for locking up great deals without ever seeing the properties or meeting with the sellers. He rarely even writes an offer! He mainly focuses on wholesaling and land lording because he has discovered they require the least amount of work and overhead while providing the most amount of time for fly fishing and kickboxing.