October 18th What it takes to run a business – a successful one!

With:  Laurel Sagen, Mandy Snell and Gordie McCarty

Ever wonder how “that” investor was so profitable, organized and happy?

They run their small businesses with success in mind.

Learn what it takes to run a business – a successful one!
Organization, communication, relationships, marketing, time management,
systems and procedures, rehab evaluation, keeping the job on time and on
budget, keeping track of all the money, bills, insurance. Taxes? – Uncle
Sam wants his half. Staying out of trouble and profitable at all times.

Flipping. Do you have a detailed, written plan to determine and track
EXACTLY how much money you are PLANNING to make? Rentals. What is your
annual ROI? What is the cap rate you are looking for and what are you
receiving now? How can you increase the value of your property, thereby
raising rents?

There are many hats to wear in running a real estate business. Staying ahead
of the game, being in control at all times, while remaining stress-free and
predictably profitable are key to a successful outcome every time.