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    NorCalREIA, Sacramento’s oldest real estate investor club consists of a vast range of real estate experience.  Our members consist of agents, brokers, and lenders, including a large group of investors whose experience ranges from newbie to years of experience. 2019 provides the educated and dedicated investor opportunities to create wealth one step at a time in a supportive environment.

    Upcoming Meetings in 2020:
    Always the SECOND Wednesday…

    NorCalREIA 2020 Our BEST year yet!

    Upcoming Events:
    Saturday June 20th Bruce Norris All Day Event

    April 8th TBA

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JOIN US ON WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 13TH, WITH LAUREL SAGEN With 20 years’ experience & having inspected 1000’s of properties, Laurel has successfully flipped over 300 houses and has owned – managed over 30 properties.

Take Action!

Invest 2 hours to change your life and your business.

Newbie & EXPERIENCED investors will learn how to BUILD your business.

Take DELIBERATE action for your future, TODAY NOT tomorrow.

At NorCalREIA you are a part of a TEAM. With 15 years of quality education & AFFILIATES you too have a professional Real Estate team in place.  

EXPECT TO LEARN in this Hands on Event:

Laurel starts from the beginning, understanding your Why and shows you how she built Sacramento’s Largest Wholesale Business.    

  • How to begin understanding WHY Real Estate?
  • What drives you – what do you want the business to accomplish?
  • Misconceptions I don’t have money, experience and …
  • What stage are you at in Real Estate?
  • Making your day to day living – Retirement Security – Long Term Wealth?
  • The Different stages in life: Starter: I want to get into real estate…
  • Wealth Builder: I want to add more doors to my rentals & few more flips
  • Ender: I don’t want to pay back depreciation & ALL those taxes. NOPE, I want to be the bank! Cash flow as the bank…
  • Lots of ways to make money in the Real Estate: Equity vs Cash flow / tax advantaged vs tax Deferred
  • Flipping vs Wholesaling vs Land lording vs Commercial vs Master Leasing &…


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