June 21, 2012

June Meeting:

Another 3-Part Series!

Part 1:

Creative Financing For Income Properties With Fixer Jay

Fixer Jay Decima visits and reviews his method for creative financing on income and multi unit property – over the next few months we will have Jay and several of his successful students come by NorCal REIA to show us what they do and how they do it!

Topics we will cover in this meeting will include:

  1. Seller financing, why?
  2. Almost always available and cheaper.
  3. Sellers give the best terms!
  4. Sellers are always more flexible.
  5. Favorite Financing Techniques.
  6. Shelving Equity
  7. Lemonade Offers.
  8. Performance Notes.
  9. Financing without banks in this crazy market.
  10. Negotiating with a seller…Benefits not $$$$
  11. Excellent buyback opportunities
  12. Failure to communicate!
  13. Typical situations.
  14. Silent Strategy.
  15. Why I like Seller Financing when I sell.
  16. Documents needed for an owner financed loan.

Tools for today’s diverse market.

Learn more about Jay at his website Here.