Wednesday August 6th at 7 pm

STOP being BUSY!

John Houghton is a Speaker, Trainer, and Strategic Coach

Learning to bring clarity and focus into your life.”

Join John as he teaches us to develop clarity, strategy and momentum in our life & work. As a Strategic Coach John works with business owners and executives to increase their personal effectiveness and vocational enjoyment. His coaching and consulting draw on his extensive, varied and successful background in retail, radio, the record industry, consulting, ministry training, and experience with personal transformation as a pastor.


This incredibly important presentation could seriously make the difference for your outlook in 2014.

If you find yourself doing too much, or not knowing what to do next, and you’re struggling just to do it again tomorrow, you need to know your “why.”


  • Knowing your “why” is key to managing what you do, and how you do it most effectively.
  • Knowing your “why” brings clarity, focus, alignment, and the ability to flow in the moment.
  • Knowing your “why” raises your level of confidence.
  • Knowing your “why” aligns your purpose with your time management and helps improve your performance.
  • Knowing your “why” increases your sense of authenticity and helps you form the right strategic relationships.
  • Knowing your “why” helps you understand your field of play and how to improve your skills.
  • Knowing your “why” is the basis for managing your time and resources to the optimum.
  • Knowing your “why” help you sort what should and should not be on your plate.
  • Knowing your “why” helps you develop your short and long range goals more effectively.
  • Knowing your “why” increases your creativity and flexibility of thought.

All meetings are @ Crowne Plaza 5321 Date Ave Sacramento Off highway 80 and Madison Ave

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