SPECIAL EVENT with Florida’s “Millionaire Maker” John Schaub Wednesday October 11th, one of our largest meetings in 2017.

Join NorCalREIA for this SPECIAL EVENT with Florida’s

“Millionaire Maker” John Schaub Wednesday October 11th, for one of our largest meetings in 2017.


Don’t miss out on this event where John shares

why he is a Master Dealmaker!


So who is John Schaub?

John Schaub has been investing in Real Estate for well over 35 years and has gone through many up and down cycles during that time. He has prospered during three recessions, four tax law changes and interest rates ranging from 6-16%. His content-rich, real world education has become the standard of excellence by which others are often judged. His 2005 best-selling book, Building Wealth One House at a Time has helped more than 100,000 real estate enthusiasts on their way to successful investing.

Some of the key topics John teaches include:

  • Recognizing opportunities
  • Constructing good deals
  • Creating cash flow today and growth for tomorrow 
  • Strategies to survive and prosper in an ever-changing Real Estate world
  • Finding, constructing and keeping safe affordable financing
  • Balance leverage and risk
  • Increasing your cash flow today by creating spreads


BUT HE DOESN’T JUST TEACH. John is in the trenches every day generating tremendous profits because he has adapted his negotiating, buying and selling strategies to this evolving market. Real time strategies and techniques. He understands how to solve problems associated with a property or a seller’s situation and work the angles…. Don’t Miss this opportunity to learn from his expertise, wisdom, and insight.



John Schaub has prospered during three recessions, four tax law changes and interest rates ranging from 6-16% in his 35+ years as a real estate investor. His 2005 best-selling book, Building Wealth One House at a Time, assisted more than 100,000 real estate enthusiasts on their way to successful invest­ing. His 2007 book, Building Wealth in a Changing Real Estate Market, is available online and in bookstores.

John recommends buying better, well-located houses rather than cheaper houses and other management-intensive properties. Better houses are more profitable and far less trouble. He advocates paying off debt, owning properties free and clear, and renting only to long term, high quality tenants.

John buys, sells and manages his own properties, and enjoys providing quality housing at fair prices for working families in his community. He teaches one Building Wealth One House at a Time seminar each year where students learn how to identify the best investment property in their town, how to buy it at below-market prices, and how to negotiate terms that guarantee a profit.

John also invests his time helping those who cannot afford to buy a home through conventional sources through his work with Habitat for Humanity and the Fuller Center for Housing. John has served for more than 20 years on the board of Sarasota Habitat, 7 years on Habitat’s International Board and currently serves as the chair of the  board of the Fuller Center for Housing.

John, a Florida native, is a proud graduate of the University of Florida, where he earned his B.A. from the College of Business Administration in 1970. He is an accomplished boat captain (power and sail), fisherman, skier (snow and water) and an instrument-rated pilot. John loves to travel, especially with his wife Valerie and their children.


Wednesday August 9th. Struggling to Find a REAL DEAL in today’s Market? Learn why Laurel has 10 deals going in this market!

Struggling to Find a REAL DEAL in Today’s Market?”

Learn how to CREATE Deals in Any Market


Presented by Laurel Sagen

Wednesday August 9th, 2017


Laurel’s flipped over 100 houses and has 10, yes TEN deals going, right NOW!


“I hear it all the time – “there are no deals to be found, Laurel”.  My response? “Good deals are created not found. Every market has it’s challenges, especially in a Seller’s market like we have today, but there are deals out there waiting to be created. It requires a lot of hard work, persistence and dedication and we get rewarded well for our hard work. After all if it was easy everyone would be doing it”.

At next month’s meeting, Laurel will discuss how to create deals with off-market properties and how to turn what may look like a slim deal on the surface into a very profitable deal, using 5 proven strategies.


  • Discover Laurel’s 5 strategies for finding off-market deals and the pros and cons of each
  • Learn how to make the math work in your favor without leaving any money on the table
  • Learn how to accurately evaluate a deal, using a formula that works for you
  • Learn how and where to find your COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.

Laurel Sagen is a licensed General Contractor and CEO of Minerva Properties, LAURELBUYSHOUSES.COM and SACWHOLESALES.COM.  She has 17 years’ experience as a Real Estate investor and public speaker.  Laurel has successfully flipped over 100 houses and has owned and managed over 30 properties.

Meetings are FREE to annual members and $25.00 per meeting for non-members. Annual membership is $200.00 single membership and $350.00 for couples.


Visit www.NorCalREIA.com  sign up “Join Us” button for FREE market updates.


REGISTER @ www.NorCalREIA.com  click on “Register Now”

Wednesday July 12th – Ready to step out of the Rat Race and create REAL FINANCIAL FREEDOM?

“Learn how owning Multifamily properties offers the potential to compound your income and long-term success over other investments”

Second Wednesday, July 12, 2017

How important is your Financial Security?
Learn some of the key steps to owning multifamily units –

– How to evaluate a multifamily investment.

– How to determine if it’s a good investment with “upside”.

– Being aware of all the expenses, obstacles and challenges associated with owning multifamily units.

– Why excellent property management is the Key to a successful investment.

– What opportunities are out there to acquire Multifamily in a high priced real estate market?

– How to get over your fears of owning more units or larger properties.

Presented by Adrian Del Rio, Principal PCG Commercial & Chris Airola, CEO CGA Property Management

Register TODAY click on “Register Now”

June 14th Aaron Norris “Major Trends for Marketing Dominance in 2017” Over 200 attended our March meeting with Bruce Norris.

Aaron Norris
“Major Trends for Marketing Dominance in 2017”

Wednesday June 14, 2017

Over 200 attended our March meeting with Bruce Norris.

Aaron will teach us how technology has completely changed the approach small businesses use to reach their target audience. Or has it? Small businesses continually get lost in the technology and trends. They spend thousands on the latest fads instead of what really matters most. 2017 is the year of K.I.S.S. Join marketing expert Aaron Norris as he shares his two biggest ways he’s focusing to dominate in 2017 and beyond. Aaron will discuss:

• The 5-Step marketing approach for best results and keeping you sane
• Key technology trends affecting your marketing efforts in 2017
• Comprehending Web 4.0 and the likely changes artificial intelligence will create

About the speaker: Aaron is Vice President of The Norris Group which specializes in California hard money lending, trust deed investments, real estate investments, and real estate investor resources. Aaron’s responsibilities include investor relations, business development, radio production, community outreach, marketing, PR, and major events. Aaron hosts the weekly award-winning Real Estate Headline Roundup Blog as well as produces The Norris Group’s award-winning radio show and podcast. He’s the creator and producer of The Norris Group’s series.

May 10th Portland Real Estate Investor & Brand Consultant Jeff Stephens “Create a powerful advantage in getting deals”

May 10th Portland Real Estate Investor & Brand Consultant Jeff Stephens
“Create a powerful advantage in getting deals”

Jeff shares his professional experience and teaches YOU how to stand out in today’s crowded Real Estate market.

Imagine handing your business card to someone and seeing them smile and asking you a question.
• Your website getting more traction and responses.
• Mail marketing achieving increased response.
• Because your brand declares your unique purpose.
• Yes you are now engaged in a conversation with a seller.
• In person, on line or negotiating on the phone.
Jeff Stephens, a full-time real estate investor and longtime brand consultant, will deliver his presentation, “Honing Your Secret Weapon: Harnessing the Power of Your Brand to Create a Competitive Advantage in Real Estate.” Jeff will explain what branding really is, and how it differs from marketing. He will tell why branding is such an important but underutilized tool among real estate investors, and will share his noted 3-step process for developing a powerful and differentiating brand.

April 12th – Join PropertyRadar and learn to FARM Public Records to GROW your business in a Flat Real Estate Market

April 12th.   Join PropertyRadar and learn to FARM Public Records to GROW your business in a Flat Real Estate Market.

“Targeted Local Marketing Made Easy”


****** Please join us 5:30 – 6:30 Networking Hour Bonus: ******

Bring your laptop and we’ll walk you through…

  • Identifying your geo-target market
  • Creating your first criteria based list
  • Setting up a direct mail campaign

Marketing and advertising today is complex, confusing, and often tilted against the very small local business.

But you have access to a “secret weapon”: Public records.

Mix some good marketing habits with a little technology and a lot of data, and you can grow amidst a flat and increasingly competitive real estate market.

FARMing Public Records to Grow in a Flat Real Estate Market Public data has become a critical advantage for big business when it comes to learning about customers. With it, they can better develop, market, and sell everything from shoelaces to allergy medications, as well as rapidly out-compete local business in the process.

But big business doesn’t own public data. Organizations at every level, including Real Estate Investors – agents, are just as capable of unlocking the boundless market intelligence it provides.
When deftly wielded, public data becomes a powerful catalyst of market wisdom, able to turn mid-level investors – agents into top producers. With the right data and proper tools, you can own your market. Let us show you how to do it.

Join PropertyRadar CMO David LaPlante and Director of Customer Success Kim Bennett for insights, perspective, and a practical how-to guide to leverage public records data to identify and find deals within your market.

About PropertyRadar:

With a mission to make targeted local marketing easy, PropertyRadar is the leading property information research and marketing platform for Investors, Realtors®, and Real Estate Professionals.

Over 10,000 Realtors®, Investors, and Real Estate Services Professionals have turned to PropertyRadar in CA, AZ, NV, OR & WA to discover market opportunities and connect with their prospects.

PropertyRadar (previously known as ForeclosureRadar) is a web-based subscription service providing the leads, data, analysis, marketing, alerts, and automation needed to find opportunities, reduce risk, and increase productivity.

Wednesday March 8th – Bruce Norris presents his 10 Life-Changing Days of a Real Estate Investor

Join NorCalREIA and over 200 investors on Wednesday March 8th when Bruce Norris presents his 10 Life-Changing Days of a Real Estate Investor

The 10 most important days in this investor’s life (Bruce Norris) is the personal journey he’s been privileged to be on for the last 36 years. From food stamps to fortune, join Bruce as he shares the 10 most important days in his real estate investing journey.

Topics will include:
• Getting started in the business
• Conquering fear
• Achieving unthinkable goals
• Sharing the business that changed his life
• Predict the future of the real estate
• And how simple intuition, kindness, and doing the right thing can save a life

Bruce will (of course) update you on the charts he monitors on the California real estate market.

About Bruce Norris

Bruce Norris is an active investor, hard money lender, and real estate educator with over 35 years of experience. Bruce has been involved in over 2,000 real estate transactions as a buyer, seller, builder, and money partner. Bruce is best known for his long-term market timing trends including his “California Comeback” report in 1997 predicting California’s real estate boom and his January 2006 release, “The California Crash,” predicting the foreclosure meltdown. His reports have made and saved California investors millions over the past decade. Bruce speaks and debates nationally as well as hosts an award-winning real estate radio show where he interviews world-renowned economists, government leaders, association presidents, and local experts. Bruce also hosts the series, I Survived Real Estate, which has raised over $700,000 for charity since the event launched in 2008.

Join NorCalREIA Wednesday February 8th and learn to create a TAX FREE retirement income from our expert and knowledgeable panel

Join NorCalREIA Wednesday February 8th and learn to create a TAX FREE retirement income from our expert and knowledgeable panel.

Our panel of professionals will provide you with the answers you need for creating FREEDOM for your retirement & family’s financial future!

Here is our professional Self-Directed IRA Panel:
Quincy Long, Quest IRA Inc. – Houston, Texas
Lorraine Evens, L.D. Evans CPA – Maui & Roseville
Mike Gobbi, Keller Williams Realty

Here a few questions our panel will address:

• Learn to create a TAX FREE retirement income?
• Is self-directed IRA investing for everyone?
• What can you invest in with a self-directed account?
• How do offers get presented?
• What about smaller IRA accounts?
• What types of self-directed accounts are available?
• What is the primary purpose of investing with an IRA?
• What should investors consider when investing with a self-directed IRA?
• What you can and cannot do? What are prohibited transactions?
• How do you fund a real estate deal with the IRA?
• What are the limits of self-directing my retirement account?
• Bring “your” questions with you for our panel to address.

Join us on the FIRST Wednesday January 4th 2017 when NorCalREIA presents economist and investor Howard Blum

Join us on the FIRST Wednesday January 4th 2017 when NorCalREIA presents economist and investor Howard Blum

Learn how to CREATE a “Bird Letter” that actually gets the phone to ring & then make your presentations successful to your seller…

Howard has been heard on live television around the world.

Howard’s receives many of our “Bird Letters” for his properties, including his Sacramento investments. I know because I get the calls from him. Howard will ask me…” What are they thinking when they puke this stuff out “? Do they think I am really going to have a positive response and call them?

Howard Blum is an influential lecturer regarded for his abilities in analyzing complex economic issues and distilling them into plain English. An award winning and sought after speaker, Howard is routinely asked to present at colleges, universities and business groups around Northern California. His opinions and interest rate forecasting have been heard on live television around the world.

First hand, Howard will share what motivates sellers to contact us and how we can communicate what service/ solutions we provide to sellers.

Howard will cover:

• How to be more effective in trolling for properties.
• Learning from the mistakes of others competing against you.
• Making it a personal appeal.
• Do your mailers look anything like this?
• Mistakes with current mailers?
• Why you need to do it better.
• How can you make yours better?

Howard’s focus routinely includes comprehensive subjects, such as our banking and finance systems, the influence of the Federal Reserve as well as real estate trends. But more importantly to us, Howard is an active real estate investor with property holdings in CA, NM, UT and TX.

Howard speaks our language. He will share with us his views on identifying key issues, and how to gauge and manage their impact on our real estate business. We’re fortunate to have Howard address us in person!

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