On Wednesday August 8th Laurel will teach us how she has flipped over 300 houses. Even before Sacramento became the 7th “HOTTEST” Real Estate market in the United States.

On August 8th we will be looking at the Business of Flipping Houses

Yes, Sacramento is the 7th hottest Real Estate market in the U.S.

Our speaker Laurel Sagen is the co-founder of www.sacwholesales.com

Laurel has flipped over 300 houses over 20 years.  She has done all types of Houses from 50K rentals to million dollar custom homes.

She is also a co-owner of one of the largest wholesale companies in Northern California, so she is in unique position to speak to all aspects of the house flipping business. Laurel will cover:

The Business of Real Estate vs The Investment Vehicle of Real Estate

  • Are you an Investor who uses Real Estate?
  • Are you in Real Estate Investor?
  • Or are you in the business of Real Estate?
  • Wholesaling, Flipping, Rentals, Lending, Agent or…?

Flipping Business:  Is this for you?

  • What’s the best way to get started?
  • What does it take to be successful?
  • How to can you avoid costly mistakes?
  • How can you not succumb to the dreaded analysis paralysis?

Join us for a comprehensive conversation about the realities of the Business of Real Estate and using Real Estate as a vehicle to fulfill your goals and dreams.

Mark your calendar for August 8th and build your real estate business to the next level. Learn to take action. Massive action!