On Wednesday July 11th learn how SUCCESSFUL Investors are implementing “Branding & Technology” as their competitive edge and crushing the market.


Cassette tapes, vinyl records, 8 track’s and even cd’s are antiquated formats. So is most investors marketing. Is your marketing creating deals?


We are the target market. How many cards-letters do you receive and given it a positive response, so you replicated it? Best compliment is copying something.


Delivering the right message to the right target market will create more deals.     Wednesday, July 11th Aaron Norris “Major Trends for Marketing Dominance”


Small business continue to be oversold marketing tools and strategies that cost a fortune but don’t get the job done. Join Aaron Norris as he discusses how small businesses can stopped getting screwed and instead leverage a simple 5-step process to review everything from branding to technology to be effective and efficient in all their marketing efforts. In his talk he will cover:


  • One simple framework to help define your brand and kill the competition
  • The four things you need clarity on before touching technology
  • Learn the 5 new influencers no one is talking about
  • Why going old school could make you a fortune
  • Local stats to understand effective channels
  • Creative ways to get build relationships that drive leads
  • And more…