Join Brent Gove on September 12th  when he opens his toolbox.

Brent has conducted over 4000 transactions and was responsible for running the largest Keller Williams franchise in the country!

Success in Real Estate is NOT by chance. Successful Investors have a plan, goals, systems and a team.

How does this apply to us as investors? Brent shares how to create SUCCESS with tools, systems and BUILDING your team.

Want greater success? Implement Brent’s strategies and systems. ONE property at a time

Brent will share:

  • State of the current market
  • The Plan
  • Execution
  • Attitude
  • Build your Team
  • Systems
  • 12 inch drop
  • Begin with the end in mind!
  • The Vault
  • Two types of people!
  • Faith
  • Core Values 

 Success in your Real Estate business is closer than you think.

“Learn from Brent’s experience, strengths and values”