We are LIVE again and working towards celebrating 20 years in 2024!

We have been discussing the fact that change is in the air since the beginning of the year. We are at the start of an exciting era for investors. On the second Friday of every month, Annual Members and Affiliates are invited to our live monthly breakfast. Networking and off market deals are shared.

This is where opportunities are created and deals are made!                                

 We are delivering quality education in a self-supporting format.

Annual membership is $200. May, registration ends May 12th @ 3 pm.

Membership includes monthly LIVE breakfast & monthly speaker events!

                Membership available with David@NorCalREIA.com  

Annual Members & Affiliates in good standing will receive the zoom link and breakfast invitation tomorrow morning. Thank you for your support!


$25 per zoom meeting (no live events) Register @ www.NorCalREIA.com

May zoom meeting Registration ends May 11th @ 2 pm.

Here is our lineup for 2022:

 May 11th Aaron Mazrrillo learn to Cash Out of Chaos making money flipping houses & building a rental portfolio, in TODAY’s market! May 11th @ 5 pm, a zoom event. Followed by Friday May 13th “LIVE” annual member’s breakfast.

Aaron shares how you build a sustainable real estate investment portfolio?

Is now even a good time to buy real estate?

What about the coming crash?!?!? Relax. We got you. Aaron Mazrrillo has been buying, rehabbing, renting, and flipping California houses for 20 years. He’s going to help you create a plan. Will it work? It’s the exact plan he’s used to generate six figures per month in rental income while working part-time. If it worked for him, imagine what you could do!

We’ll discuss where to find deals, how to contact sellers, and how you can make easy money in today’s highly competitive market.

Aaron is still buying, rehabbing, and flipping houses, as well as managing all his rentals. Still a great time to buy property.

June 8th Adrian Del Rio co-founder PCG Commercial, Inc. Shares his in-depth experience with “Multifamily Mania” on June 8th @ 5 pm a zoom event. Followed by Friday’s June 10th “LIVE” annual members breakfast.

3rd & 4th quarter: John Schaub, Jeff Stephens & Owner Financing, just to name a few

We work hard delivering quality education applicable to your Real Estate success!

Our successful investors are “early adopters” transitioning successful Real Estate

Annual membership is $200 (which is only $18mo) with access to monthly LIVE events. Request membership mailto:David@NorCalREIA.com  

$25 per zoom meeting (no live events) Register @ www.NorCalREIA.com

 Thank you for your continued support,

David Granzella