Adrian Del Rio co-founder PCG Commercial, Inc. Shares his in-depth experience with “Multifamily Mania” in this “CHANGING” market on June 8th @ 5 pm

a zoom event @ no charge.

Followed by Friday’s June 10th “LIVE” annual members breakfast event.

Are you ready to discuss the multifamily madness in this “CHANGING “market? Ready to learn how to “CREATE” deals and build a rental portfolio! Like Bruce Norris emphasizes, let’s study the charts. Most economists and experts love to comment on how they predicted past events but will never venture to predict any future events. That’s not Adrian’s way and he’s not afraid to go against the grain as a contrarian.

Adrian is an ACTIVE value-add investor even in this “crazy” and “CHANGING” market. He’s utilizing the tools and assets at his disposal to acquire long-term cash-flowing apartments. In this episode, he’ll discuss how you can optimize the properties, equity, and skills set you own to grow in what seems to be an impossible market.

We’re going to discuss and analyze the following topics:

  • How did we arrive at current market conditions?
  • Are we in a soon to “Crash” scenario
  • How will increasing interest rates and inflation affect real estate?
  • Did we already miss a buying opportunity and where are we headed?
  • Is your analysis spreadsheet keeping you from buying?
  • Why investors may not be finding “deals”
  • Are you having difficulty finding out-of-state properties?
  • Crystal ball forecast for 2022-2023


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Adrian’s Bio…


Adrian grew up in real estate, in fact, as a kid he used to drive around with his dad looking cleaning up construction job sites and looking at properties.  He hated driving around looking at deals, cleaning up debris at apartments dad had just renovated, or collecting rents. However, he did enjoy collecting all the coins from the laundry machines! As a kid, all he wanted to do was hang out with friends and play soccer.  Little did he know that his previous experiences would lead him into a full-time career in multifamily real estate. He’s witnessed first-hand how long-term cash-flowing real estate can exponentially transform your future. Adrian loves cash-flowing real estate!

Adrian co-founded PCG Commercial, Inc. which is a brokerage focused on selling apartments and mobile home parks throughout California.  The company was founded in 2009 in the middle of the financial crisis and has thrived ever since. Adrian has walked, inspected, and sold approximate 3,000 units of multifamily in his career. He realized that brokerage income (i.e. commissions) earns you a solid living wage however does not create long-term sustainability. Transitioning from earned income to passive income is the key to sustainable success and profits which is why his ultimate goal is to transition to 100% passive rental income.