Data is Real Estate investor’s most powerful tool…

Join Sean O’Toole, CEO and Founder of PropertyRadar for his insights on the strategies to consider, and mistakes to avoid, to become a data-driven real estate professional. The SECOND Wednesday February 9th , register @

Sean will cover, the economy and market outlook:

  • Pandemic real estate disruption. How can you apply frameworks to organize data-driven strategies, reduce anxieties, create systems and “deal flow”. Make your business scalable and learn to create more deals.
  • It’s a simple business, but NOT an easy one. Do something – get started, invest in your future. Don’t get lost in the data.How do insights derived from hyperlocal market analysis uncover opportunities most frequently missed?• Timing is Everything Now. Not too soon, and never too late. How can you leverage event-based data that uncover and drive opportunities at the right time?
  • The ongoing war for data supremacy. What are the existential threats to the data-driven strategies that real estate professionals and small investors depend on – and what you can and should do about it?

About Sean O’Toole

Sean O’Toole is CEO & Founder of PropertyRadar, the property data and owner information platform real estate pros have trusted since 2007 to do billions of dollars in deals. Sean got his start with data in Silicon Valley during the dot-com boom. After the dot-com bubble, Sean flipped properties for five years, and with data-informed insights, got out right before the housing bubble burst.

Sean launched ForeclosureRadar in early 2007 before anyone had heard of the foreclosure crisis, and relaunched ForeclosureRadar as PropertyRadar in 2013.

Today, PropertyRadar remains the go-to platform for data-driven real professionals and investors intent on leveraging comprehensive property data and owner information to grow their business directly. Try it for free at