The last 2 years have been one of the most profitable times to be a real estate investor. Never before seen financing opportunities for investors are allowing better cash flow opportunities than deals done in 2008! Some say the prices are too high and rentals cannot be found, while others are scooping up massive profits and building excellent cash flow opportunities. Institutional buyers are paying top dollar for wholesale deals allowing investors to pay more, but still reap large profits. Join us in January to hear from Aaron how he navigates his way throughout the game and makes big plays:


·  Creating a Plan and Setting Goals

·  Finding Deals in a Competitive Market

·  Niche List Building for Massive Profits

·  Finding Deals with $0 Marketing Budget

·  Managing Rehabs

·  Wholesaling on Steroids

About Aaron Mazzrillo:

Aaron is a pro-California investor, operating his fix & flip and property management business out of Riverside, since 2006. His primary focus is buying off-market properties using private funds or existing equity and debt. Aaron’s smart strategies for wholesaling, buy and hold, and flipping are fascinating and will give you an entirely new perspective on building wealth through real estate – while enjoying every moment of it. His current wholesaling and flipping company earns 7 figures a year and his California rental portfolio generates more than $1M annually.