Join us on Wednesday June 10th when NorCalREIA Hosts Greg Pinneo CEO of The Cor Company


You won’t want to miss this presentation and the experience with Greg Pinneo and his Entrepreneurial Mind Set!


There is nothing more common than people with great “tools” who achieve nothing. Why? The answer, simply put, lies in the way we as individuals think. The topic of “Mindset” can be dismissed easily, but those who consistently live in abundance credit it as the engine in the vehicle of success. Greg Pinneo has been a student of the topic for nearly forty years. His ability to convey awareness around the topics of belief, possibility, intention, awareness, and choice are unmatched. Before agreeing to discuss the concepts of acquisition, finance, and negotiation, it has become a requisite in Greg’s teaching that every audience first tackle the questions that give these tools a chance to perform. The beliefs we choose to embrace frame the realities we experience.


Join Greg Pinneo at the June 10th NorCalREIA meeting where he’ll cover:


  • Awareness of your current beliefs.
  • Understanding your “default systems” and adjusting those to serve you better
  • How to “question everything” so that you are in agreement with your installed beliefs
  • Discovering how possibility, intention, and proactivity join to create opportunity
  • How we can choose to install certain beliefs that will propel us to the top of our industry
  • How we can be in deliberate control of every aspect of our life


Greg Pinneo’s forty years as a full time entrepreneur has been a journey of awareness and discovery. His candor regarding the highs and lows connect with real people who want an extraordinary life.   Greg’s primary goal when speaking to any group is to leave them “wonderfully disturbed” with a redefined definition of what is possible. Greg will be coming back to NorCalREIA on Saturday June 20th for a full day seminar that concentrates on the “Real Estate Toolbox”.



Greg Pinneo, CEO & Founder



Gregory Pinneo is a Northwest native and a graduate of the University of Washington. For nearly 40 years Greg has been a full time real estate entrepreneur and has become a recognized expert in acquisition, finance, negotiation, property management, and the philosophical mindset that makes possibility a reality.

Greg’s personal portfolio has included the purchase of over 500 units in over 200 different buildings. In addition, he has conducted more than 500 brokerage negotiations. Beyond resume statistics, Greg would tell you that he is most proud of the fact that he has been in the arena doing things his own way since he was eighteen years old.

Greg gave many years to the school of business at Seattle Pacific University teaching real estate investment, negotiation, finance, and principles that create success in life. Greg would count those years as some of the most fulfilling. Seeing young students “redefine possibility” is a reward like no other.

Greg has a passion for “giving back” to the profession and people in his life. He has been a keynote speaker for numerous universities, high schools, business and community organizations. In these engagements he gives entrepreneurial insights, motivational challenges and underscores the victimless mindset. From the highlights of building an extraordinary entrepreneurial empire, to summiting some of world’s highest mountain peaks, to the lows of a prison cell where he spent several months, Greg’s diverse life experience and willingness to be open about all of his history allows him to bring a very unique message. Greg’s life story is one that entrepreneurs and students alike will find unforgettable. Greg hopes in communicating his lessons learned that he can help others avoid pitfalls and face their own personal challenges with ethics, hope and encouragement.

Greg’s speaking engagements now take him throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Greg’s experience and professionalism coupled with an incredible ability to teach, motivate and inspire has led to Greg being highly sought after challenging business organizations and private engagements throughout the world.

A natural entrepreneur and motivator, Greg gives his audiences a challenge to live a more deliberate life. His message is one of focus and possibility, as well as delivering sound tools to make these possibilities a reality in peoples’ lives. His many students and seminar participants remain in touch and look to Greg as mentor and friend.

Greg’s sustainable motivation centers around his love for his bride Shauna and his seven children.  Greg is an accomplished pilot, diver, outdoorsman, and climber.  He loves a good round of golf and a cold beer with a good friend.