Please join NorCalREIA on Wednesday, May 11th for another educational lecture.

This month we will have GARY Link, an eviction attorney and expert on landlord tenant issues.

Learn build your portfolio and create wealth with the right tenants for your property.

Gary Link has 37 years as an eviction attorney and has worked in processing over 43,000 evictions.  Yes, that’s correct over 43,000 evictions.

As real estate investors it’s our goal to rent properties to qualified tenants that share a responsibility to take care of our properties and routinely pay on time.

One of the simplest things a landlord can do to is to foster a positive relationship with our tenants and make an honest effort to communicate with them.  At some point however, some additional course of action may be needed.

Most landlords give little thought as to how they communicate with their tenants. Considering that nearly 35 percent of Americans currently reside in approximately 40 million rental units throughout the country, it’s surprising that few landlords really understand how to communicate effectively with their tenants.  Almost every one of these landlord-tenant relationships last a minimum of one year and some last many years, even decades.


At this meeting we will cover:

  • Preparing your property for occupancy like you were to live there. Why this is so important.
  • Picking the right tenant for you and your property. Doing it right and keeping it LEGAL.
  • Building a RELATIONSHIP with our tenant.
  • Explaining the RULES and CONFIRMING your tenant understands and ACCEPTS these For instance when is the rent due and when it is considered late?
  • Our responsibilities as landlord in providing a GREAT product to our customers.
  • Somehow I got ZINGED. Now what?
  • Kicking a problem to the curb swiftly, ethically and legally.
  • And much MORE…