“Relationships are the Key to Unlocking Seller Financing

Seller Financing is an important tool for creating deals in today’s market. Jeff Stephens teaches us to educate owners on the value to Unlock Seller Financing Purchases.  

Share these benefits with landlords – sellers for Interest income, tax benefits and ongoing “passive income” for them (without any more toilets, tenants & property management for sellers).

 Join Jeff Stephens on Wednesday October 12th @ 5 PM a ZOOM event.

Jeff will cover, what do investors want the most? To buy more properties!

Jeff will show where most investors go wrong, and how to avoid those mistakes. Finding, winning and financing those additional purchases can be easier said than done, however, which makes Seller Financing a very compelling notion.  While many investors complain “there are no Seller Financing deals in my market,” those who have mastered this craft are buying Seller-Financed properties continuously.  In this presentation, Jeff Stephens, founder of The Thoughtful Real Estate Entrepreneur, will explain why focusing on Relationship—from lead generation all the way through closing—is the single biggest key to unlocking Seller Finance acquisitions.

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Friday October 14th @ 7:00 AM “LIVE” Anita Hodges coach to the top players in our Real Estate community taught “Mind Mapping” in September. This month we are revisiting “mind mapping” collectively envisioning and enhancing this simple yet powerful tool to visually, organize one’s thoughts and plans. It works with the brain’s natural rhythms to create flow, release creative blocks and immediately bring clarity. Far too often we only see what our life has already created. Hence there is a whole world out there to explore.

Friday October 14th is FREE for annual members networking event. Networking 7:00 -7:30am Meeting 7:30- 9:00

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Jeff Stephens is Founder of The Thoughtful Real Estate Entrepreneur and host of the podcast, “Racking Up Rentals.”  Jeff is a full-time real estate entrepreneur by day, and real estate investing mentor, coach and podcaster.  Jeff’s focus—both as a real estate entrepreneur and a coach to others—is on growing a rental real estate portfolio that builds long-term wealth through the timeless fundamentals of relationship and negotiation directly with the Seller to buy off-market properties with seller financing.  Visit www.ThoughtfulRE.com for more information.