Join us on the Second Wednesday September 9th with Sean O’Toole & Aaron Norris learn to create Data-Driven Real Estate Investing in 2020. Learn how Main Street continues to win despite the pandemic and despite disruptors being in the market. This will be a Virtual online meeting. Registration details to follow. This event is $20 for non-members & FREE to NorCalREIA member’s in good standing.


NorCalREIA has been patient, waiting for the dust to settle, AGAIN! Making calculated decisions has been our club’s foundation for the last 16 years. Opportunities have ALWAYS been created from disruptions. This one will be no different!


We still do not sell books and tapes or condos in Cuba (sorry Mr. Alvarez)

What we do is align ourselves with the best professional’s in our industry including Sean O’Toole @ PropertyRadar, Bruce and Aaron Norris @ The Norris Group, Tony Alvarez and John Schaub to name just a few.


We will continue to provide the highest quality education (appropriate for the current market) align ourselves with first class professional affiliates (our partners) hands on education, virtual meetings and seminars.


Aaron Norris, is now the VP Market Insights with extensive knowledge on market timing and strategies. His strategies, include specific details at the county level how many leads are possible by use case. Examples: lots greater than 6,000 sf good for ADUs. Target absentee owners that may not be aware of new regulations coming to the ballot in 2020 that would impact evictions and rent control. Basically, it’s how Main Street continues to win despite the pandemic and despite disruptors being in the market.

Sean O’Toole has supported NorCalREIA for over a decade and last spoke at NorCalREIA in 2016, sharing when there is something important to talk about he would be back, possibly a Black Swan. Well Sean is back with his perspective and the World’s most Valuable Resource, DATA.


Sean & Aaron’s presentation includes – Data-Driven Real Estate Investing in 2020


From Apple to Zillow, today, every market performance leader is a data-driven organization. Real estate is no exception. So what does the data-driven real estate professional look like in 2020…and beyond? Join Sean O’Toole (CEO) and Aaron Norris (VP of Market Insights) with PropertyRadar for novel insights, pandemic market effects and predictions, and mistakes to avoid in data-driven real estate:

  • Matching your model to market. Are foreclosures about to explode? Business strategies can change drastically depending on the percentage of distressed inventory. Understand the short and long-term trends likely to drive your business in 2020 and beyond.
  • Big data vs small data. Math and machines. Predictive analytics and artificial intelligence. What are the data-driven investing trends you should be aware of, and more importantly, most wary of?
  • Don’t get lost in the data. How do insights derived from hyperlocal market analysis uncover the opportunities that traditional local and regional market performance trends miss?
  • Timing opportunities in your market. Not too soon, and never too late. How can you leverage event-based data that drive opportunities at the right time and ultimately yielding better ROI?
  • Chocolate and peanut butter. How do smart investors combine unconventional sources of data and intelligence with public records to uncover the best opportunities?
  • The ongoing war for data supremacy. How Main Street real estate pros are using CRMs and integrationsto discover, understand, connect and automate business to compete with Wall Street.