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    NorCalREIA, Sacramento’s oldest real estate investor club consists of a vast range of real estate experience.  Our members consist of agents, brokers, and lenders, including a large group of investors whose experience ranges from newbie to years of experience. 2019 provides the educated and dedicated investor opportunities to create wealth one step at a time in a supportive environment.

    Upcoming Meetings in 2020:
    Always the SECOND Wednesday…

    NorCalREIA 2020 Our BEST year yet!

    Upcoming Events:
    Saturday June 20th Bruce Norris All Day Event

    April 8th TBA

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Get your marketing right and get MORE deals. Join NorCalREIA on April 10th and learn to get MORE deals with Smart Local Marketing.

Get your marketing right or get fewer deals. It’s that simple. Real estate investing isn’t just a game of numbers, but a process that depends on smart marketing.

Do you struggle with marketing? Is explaining what you do a challenge? Desperate to get new leads? Scared of making a mistake? Don’t have a big budget to work with?

Then this presentation is for you.

Join David LaPlante, Chief Marketing Officer for PropertyRadar for a workshop covering the smart local marketing strategies that today’s real estate investors are using to find and win new deals. In this presentation David will cover:

Why local marketing is different: Habits, behaviors, and mindsets.

Direct vs indirect

Discover your market and deals: Finding and knowing your competition while identifying new deals.

Brand marketing basics: Marketing with intelligence is messaging with meaning

Connecting across channels

Automate: Working smarter, not harder

Budgeting basics

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