Over the past year Bruce Norris has conducted dozens of interviews on podcasts “The Norris Group Real Estate Radio Show” with government officials, economists, fund managers, CEOs, and prominent local market investors. Covering everything and anything from real estate to economics to local politics. Question is now what?

Join us virtually on Wednesday, October 13th @ 6:00 P.M., at no charge.

As you can see Bruce has been researching, digesting and educating us for over 20 years! I have been at all of his education since early 2004. Including the event in January 2006, California Crash. What were you doing then?

Bruce will also be sharing some of his latest research on the real estate market and discussing ways you may want to tailor your investment strategies moving forward. His past experience, statistics and education include:


  • 1997: California Comeback
  • 2006: California Crash
  • 2009: Category 5
  • 2012: All In or Fold
  • 2014: California Comeback 2:
  • 2021: You are HERE. Not on the sidelines!

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