Some years ago, The Norris Group invented the Quadrant System, or as we called it
back then “The Deal Wheel”.  Quadrant 4 is when real estate goes up and then
explodes in price. Quadrant 1 is a flat period when prices stop increasing and there’s a
mood shift towards real estate. Power goes from the seller to the buyer. Quadrant 1 in
the past quickly leads to quadrant 2, prices decline.

That’s where California is, about to make the transition from Quadrant 1 to Quadrant 2.
By the math of it, California could easily see a 40% price decline. Fortunately, there’s
more than just the math to consider! What’s next and how to make money in the next
quadrant 2?

What Bruce will discuss:
 How long will we stay in Q1
 What is the damage going to be in Q2
 What investor need to do to get ready
 What the past Q2’s looked like
 The evolution of an investor

Bruce’s previous presentations:
 2006: California Crash (NOT 2008)
 2009: Category 5
 2012: All In or Fold
 2014: California Comeback 2: Fast Furious and Dangerous
 2019: On Borrowed Time
 2022 Unchartered Territory – The Final Chapter
 2023: Understanding the Quadrants and How to Make Money in This Next

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