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Are you ready to learn how you can take action in today’s TRANSITIONING market and start taking down deals in this competitive California market? Learn how virtual wholesaling is an effective method that allows you to wholesale properties without ever having to walk the properties yourself?  Ready to learn how to “use little money down” and create deals to build a rental portfolio?  And how he now uses a virtual method to lock up properties and has months where he generates over 6 figures without ever having to physically walk the properties himself.
Omar is an ACTIVE investor who got his start buying and selling mobile homes, started wholesaling, flipping residential real estate and is on his way to building a real business out of wholesaling to fund his passive investments, which should be everyone’s ultimate goal in real estate.  He breaks down his tools that got him started in the beginning by himself and is now integrating into his business to scale up.

We’re going to discuss and analyze the following topics:

  • How you can drive for dollars today and find good deals
  • How you can utilize cold calling as a strong marketing strategy
  • How you can use creative financing to build your rental portfolio
  • How virtual wholesaling is an effective strategy to make quick profits
  • How you don’t need to walk every property nowadays to lock up good deals
  • How you can start growing a team to start delegating and scaling.

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The market transition that will be discussed is as important as The California Crash report was in January 2006!


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 From the desk of Bruce Norris:  Uncharted Territory:  
2022 will be remembered as the year almost every asset reversed

direction and headed south HARD!

What were you thinking – doing in January of 2006?

This is where it all begins. In January of 2006, Bruce Norris wrote the California Crash report predicting the market correction in California real estate through 2010. The extensive report (over 400 pages) predicted California would see foreclosures increase by 3,000%, prices could see a 30% decline state wide, and that California would see builders and lenders go out of business. It was an even bigger decline.

 Fast forward to July 2022 in real estate, we’ve been accustomed to low interest rates, multiple offers and grandiose profits and near riskless real estate investments. That has ended.  In the next two years these charts will change the real estate investment game for years and years to come. Sales will go down by half, inventory for sale will explode in months’ supply and unemployment will go way up as will foreclosures.
 What will happen to prices? I see three scenarios playing out depending on the policies we implement in the next two years.  Every category we use to determine if peak real estate prices have been reached peaked out at 5% interest. When interest rates reached 6%, you already had the fuel for a downturn in price locked and loaded!
I want you to read this next paragraph carefully.
 Between 1974 and 1980, interest rates doubled, and prices went up 300% from $34,000 to over $105,000. During those seven years, workers’ wages doubled but they actually lost buying power due to the impact of inflation. It took seven years of all of this to land at an affordability bottom of 17%. What took seven years in the 70’s…we just accomplished in four months!    Read more:

We are entering the biggest transition in Real Estate in over a decade. Will you once again jump in as we did in 2007 – 2012 and create wealth, get off the side lines this time or just sit again?