Join Greg Pinneo on Wednesday August 10th and dive deep into the principles of expandability.

 The Eyes of Entrepreneurship

“Locating and Creating value in Real Estate using the principles of expandability”

The eyes of an entrepreneur don’t just look at “what is”. They visualize and assess “what could be”. They look to uncover unseen profits and income streams that might not be there today. They see zoning usage that is not currently being fully realized. The ability to visualize the “unseen” is the difference between the real estate “investor” and the real estate “entrepreneur”. When you improve the NOI of a building using the principles of expandability you increase the value of that building.  When you increase the cash flow and equity you create a garage to accommodate additional borrowed funds.  Making use of “leverageable equity” is how we aggressively grow a real estate portfolio. When these principles are used properly over and over again, it WILL change your whole world.