Struggling to Find a REAL DEAL in Today’s Market?”

Learn how to CREATE Deals in Any Market


Presented by Laurel Sagen

Wednesday August 9th, 2017


Laurel’s flipped over 100 houses and has 10, yes TEN deals going, right NOW!


“I hear it all the time – “there are no deals to be found, Laurel”.  My response? “Good deals are created not found. Every market has it’s challenges, especially in a Seller’s market like we have today, but there are deals out there waiting to be created. It requires a lot of hard work, persistence and dedication and we get rewarded well for our hard work. After all if it was easy everyone would be doing it”.

At next month’s meeting, Laurel will discuss how to create deals with off-market properties and how to turn what may look like a slim deal on the surface into a very profitable deal, using 5 proven strategies.


  • Discover Laurel’s 5 strategies for finding off-market deals and the pros and cons of each
  • Learn how to make the math work in your favor without leaving any money on the table
  • Learn how to accurately evaluate a deal, using a formula that works for you
  • Learn how and where to find your COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.

Laurel Sagen is a licensed General Contractor and CEO of Minerva Properties, LAURELBUYSHOUSES.COM and SACWHOLESALES.COM.  She has 17 years’ experience as a Real Estate investor and public speaker.  Laurel has successfully flipped over 100 houses and has owned and managed over 30 properties.

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