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    NorCalREIA, Sacramento’s oldest real estate investor club consists of a vast range of real estate experience.  Our members consist of agents, brokers, and lenders, including a large group of investors whose experience ranges from newbie to years of experience. 2019 provides the educated and dedicated investor opportunities to create wealth one step at a time in a supportive environment.

    Upcoming Meetings in 2019:
    Always the second Wednesday…

    April 10th David LaPlante from PropertyRadar

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Real Estate Investing is about creating wealth and keeping it!

Real Estate Investing is about creating wealth and keeping it!

Join NorCalREIA, Wednesday November 8th for an informative meeting and find out how you can make – keep more money. With our very own CPA Lorraine Evans.  

The best way to save on taxes is to do it right the first time – and always have an exit strategy. More money in your pocket, less money in the IRS’ pocket!

Don’t let them have your hard earned money that could be used to fund your next investment.


Lorraine teaches us how to SAVE money on our taxes.

  • Am I a Dealer or an Investor? Why do I care?
  • The right entity for the activity you conduct – and WHEN do I need it?
  • Depreciation – How to use it to your best advantage
  • Recent repair and capitalization guidelines
  • Partial disposition rules when doing replacement & improvements
  • Avoiding “recapture” on sales
  • Deferring gains with 1031 exchanges


So who is Lorraine Evans?

Lorraine Evans has been preparing tax returns for well over 40 years and has been a Certified Public Accountant for 30 years this January! She has been through several major tax law changes and has a broad range of experience in her 40 years of practice. The past 10 years she has decided to specialize in real estate investors. She is an investor herself, owning property in Hawaii and California, and investing in her self-directed IRA account. She also has a Master of Science Degree in Taxation, and in her past she served 5 years on a FEDERAL tax committee with the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants), serving as the Chair for 2 of those years.

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