May 10th Portland Real Estate Investor & Brand Consultant Jeff Stephens
“Create a powerful advantage in getting deals”

Jeff shares his professional experience and teaches YOU how to stand out in today’s crowded Real Estate market.

Imagine handing your business card to someone and seeing them smile and asking you a question.
• Your website getting more traction and responses.
• Mail marketing achieving increased response.
• Because your brand declares your unique purpose.
• Yes you are now engaged in a conversation with a seller.
• In person, on line or negotiating on the phone.
Jeff Stephens, a full-time real estate investor and longtime brand consultant, will deliver his presentation, “Honing Your Secret Weapon: Harnessing the Power of Your Brand to Create a Competitive Advantage in Real Estate.” Jeff will explain what branding really is, and how it differs from marketing. He will tell why branding is such an important but underutilized tool among real estate investors, and will share his noted 3-step process for developing a powerful and differentiating brand.