Aaron Norris
“Major Trends for Marketing Dominance in 2017”

Wednesday June 14, 2017

Over 200 attended our March meeting with Bruce Norris.

Aaron will teach us how technology has completely changed the approach small businesses use to reach their target audience. Or has it? Small businesses continually get lost in the technology and trends. They spend thousands on the latest fads instead of what really matters most. 2017 is the year of K.I.S.S. Join marketing expert Aaron Norris as he shares his two biggest ways he’s focusing to dominate in 2017 and beyond. Aaron will discuss:

• The 5-Step marketing approach for best results and keeping you sane
• Key technology trends affecting your marketing efforts in 2017
• Comprehending Web 4.0 and the likely changes artificial intelligence will create

About the speaker: Aaron is Vice President of The Norris Group which specializes in California hard money lending, trust deed investments, real estate investments, and real estate investor resources. Aaron’s responsibilities include investor relations, business development, radio production, community outreach, marketing, PR, and major events. Aaron hosts the weekly award-winning Real Estate Headline Roundup Blog as well as produces The Norris Group’s award-winning radio show and podcast. He’s the creator and producer of The Norris Group’s series.