March 15, 2012 – Bruce Norris

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Join Bruce Norris at the Northern Real Estate Rewind at NorcalREIA in Sacramento on March 15th as he reveals the most profitable source of deals in 2011. But he’s not just looking into the past — he’ll also give you ideas about what’s to come in 2012.

Learn as Bruce delves into the magical world of shadow inventory and reveals how banks are hiding this mythical ball of inventory.

He’ll cover:
• Loan modification failures and the unresolved pile of properties it left behind
• Percentages of delinquent loans and REOs sold in a bulk
• Delinquent loans destined to becoming REOs or short sales
• The staggering loss per property for Fannie Mae in California
• The status of NSP and First Look programs
• Length of stay for delinquent owners
• Negative equity mix in California
• The mix of REO vs short sales
• And a lot more

Bruce is carefully researching for his upcoming report, All In or Fold. Could the landscape of real estate change so much in the next few years that it will never again be the investment it once was? The answer is a resounding YES.

Due in April, the new report takes a hard look at owning rental property during the next decade and ponders this question: Could the next twelve months be the single best buying opportunity or our lifetime? The conclusions have yet to be made, but the study is in full swing.

Be there to learn the initial questions and vital stats we consider crucial during our preparations for 2012.

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