Join us virtually on the SECOND Wednesday, June 9th, 6:00 P.M., at no charge.  

Subject to: the purchase of real property with a pre-existing loan(s) against its title, without formally assuming any personal liability for the repayment of said lien(s).


Way back in 1983, after Ward closed his first few foreclosure deals, we thought we could do it forever. But several more years had to pass before it dawned on us that if we were really going to have it made, and be worry free, we’d have to create a retirement estate for ourselves as we went along; one that would provide us a solid, SUSTAINABLE, monthly income upon retirement. A retirement income that would be nearly bulletproof, no matter which way our economy or politics dipped and swayed.

Join Ward with one bedroom (dingbat) rentals and David with multiunit rentals.


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I may not make a dent in our homeless problem

I WILL make a difference in someone’s life…David Granzella ~ 2021