Join NorCalREIA for Sacramento’s LARGEST Real Estate Event, on Wednesday March 13th, with Bruce Norris and over 200 of your closest friends…

 Bruce Norris presents California Real Estate “ON BORROWED TIME”!

 Bruce is a long-time investor, builder, and hard money lender is actively warning California real estate investors it’s time to start planning. Join us as Bruce shares ten decisions California real estate investors need to consider before the music stops. More about Bruce…


  • How to spot key warning signs
  • Why Bruce feels we’re in the 8th inning
  • Deciding what stays and goes in your portfolio
  • Painful mistakes investors tend to make in this part of the cycle
  • The key team members you’ll likely need in the next 12 months
  • Misconceptions California investors export with them to other states
  • And how to plan for your best transition year ever