Join us for TWO NorCalREIA meetings in August!

Two meetings at one price for annual members…


Driving for Dollars is STILL our #1 resource for CREATING deals. Omar showed us how he CREATED a $2,000,000 rental portfolio by his 28th birthday. People sell houses! So talking to home owners is our #1 priority.


Stop WAITING for your phone to ring! Learn how to “CREATE” deals in this transitioning market. Some home owners need our skills & money.

Tired of spending time and money hoping someone will actually read your marketing, let alone actually pick up the phone and call you. Sending post cards, letters, texts, ringless voicemails.


Join Peter Apostolos, Wednesday on August 10th @ 5 pm for a zoom event


Followed on Friday, August 12th LIVE “annual members” networking and meeting, our speaker Fixer Jay has taught old timers how to build a rental portfolio and Jay teaches “NEWBIE” investors to focus on the right kind of Cash Flow Properties. Multi-Unit properties are going to be an extraordinary opportunity with the restricted refinancing on these commercial properties.

Don’t miss this extraordinary “LIVE” event with Fixer Jay.


August 10th Peter teaches the content he taught in Bruce Norris boot camps!

Is your mailbox full of cards and letters, like mine?

Phone blowing up with all cash offers? How many of these clowns actually follow up with you? With me maybe 5% – 10%. What a waste of time and money. Just buy a property “at retail” and you would at least be in the Real Estate game. Sorry, I know, foul words “at retail”. Some marketing wastes time and money thrown out the window.

As a Real Estate professional start TALKING to owners. For decades it’s always been called “Dialing for Dollars”. Be PROACTIVE. Take ACTION. CREATE deals…

STOP! We are NOT groveling and begging for a deal!

Peter say’s “We are not making a cold call. We have nothing to sell. On the contrary, we are buyers looking to spend money. Ultimately we will be paying them and solving a problem”. Hence, earning money. Peter will share:


  • How to identify potentials to call.
  • Obtaining information about their situation.
  • Evaluate their situation with our Unique Buying Propositions (Benefits & Solutions only WE can provide)
  • Focus & prepare on where you are “driving for dollars” and “who” you are calling!
  • Creating the clarity you need to make the call with PURPOSE

Zoom meetings are FREE to annual members and $30.00 per meeting for non-members. Annual membership is $250.00 Membership includes “LIVE” Friday meetings. 

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