Join NorCalREIA Wednesday February 8th and learn to create a TAX FREE retirement income from our expert and knowledgeable panel.

Our panel of professionals will provide you with the answers you need for creating FREEDOM for your retirement & family’s financial future!

Here is our professional Self-Directed IRA Panel:
Quincy Long, Quest IRA Inc. – Houston, Texas
Lorraine Evens, L.D. Evans CPA – Maui & Roseville
Mike Gobbi, Keller Williams Realty

Here a few questions our panel will address:

• Learn to create a TAX FREE retirement income?
• Is self-directed IRA investing for everyone?
• What can you invest in with a self-directed account?
• How do offers get presented?
• What about smaller IRA accounts?
• What types of self-directed accounts are available?
• What is the primary purpose of investing with an IRA?
• What should investors consider when investing with a self-directed IRA?
• What you can and cannot do? What are prohibited transactions?
• How do you fund a real estate deal with the IRA?
• What are the limits of self-directing my retirement account?
• Bring “your” questions with you for our panel to address.