Join Aaron Mazzrillo to learn “Ways & Plays” in today’s market

“Making Deals in an Extremely Competitive Market”

Aaron shares how you can find properties that cash flow right here in your own back yard.

Join us virtually on the SECOND Wednesday, April 14th at no charge. 

During 2020, how many times have you heard, “real estate pricing is so high right now, I can’t find any cash flowing properties in California”? It won’t be Aaron Mazzrillo saying that! He has built a fortune buying California real estate. Say what!? Yes, that’s correct — you can find properties that cash flow right here in your own back yard. In 2021, creativity is the name of the game. Aaron is using techniques like ADUs, additions, redevelopments and creative financing to generate profit and increase his cash flow. So how do you do it yourself? Join us on April 14th  to hear from Aaron how he navigates his way throughout the game and makes big plays:

  • Are You Looking at Properties Wrong? – Creating Deals Nobody Else Sees
  • Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) – The New Big Cash Flow Play
  • Development & Redevelopment – How to Add Value and Create Big Profits
  • Scale Your Portfolio to the Next Level
  • How to Generate Cash Flow Using the Capture Equity & Refinance Method
  • Leap Frogging Your Rental Portfolio
  • Finding Private Money to Fund Your Deals
  • Growing Your Team

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Aaron is a pro-California investor, operating his fix & flip and property management business out of Riverside, since 2006. His primary focus is buying off-market properties using private funds or existing equity and debt. Aaron’s smart strategies for wholesaling, buy and hold, and flipping are fascinating and will give you an entirely new perspective on building wealth through real estate – while enjoying every moment of it. His current wholesaling and flipping company earns 7 figures a year and his California rental portfolio generates more than $1M annually.