NorCalREIA SECOND Wednesday November 13th

One of our most requested speakers Dave Wilson is back with the shared experience of Robert Taylor & Gordie McCarty. Dave has been in the Real Estate business in for over 3 decades.
We are entering yet another Real Estate Cycle. Just when you thought it was safe out there.
How we survived Real Estate the last decade and what are we going to do for next year?

We will discuss:
What we are experiencing today?
“The good The bad and The ugly”
Where are we heading?
What are YOUR real estate plans?

Topics to be discussed:

1: Buy and Hold:
You own and manage property.
Joint Venture ownership. One Joint Venture finds the property and manages it.

2: Real estate Cycles:
What HAS happened in the last 17 years? 1996-2013!

3: Cash Flow!!
Along with some appreciation.

4: Pete’s Elements of SFH rentals
Possession, lending, income, depreciation, ect.

5: Private lending
You lend the money and collect the payments.
You borrow the money and make payments to the lender

6: Land Trusts:
Why use them?
Valuable for the long term investor; joint ventures, flippers, ect.

7: IRA’s self directed
Roth IRA
Inherited Roth IRA

We will not have time to actually ‘teach” each subject.
We may be able to provide guidance on where to learn and from what teachers.

Our discussions will help inform you on:
1: What HAS been going on in Real Estate and what has worked and what has NOT worked?
2: What IS working now?
3: What do you and your fellow investors think the future will be like from your market area.
• Short term?
• Long term?

See you on the Second Wednesday November 13th.
Don’t forget the meeting before the meeting starts at 5:30 – 6:15
Networking 6:15 – 7:00
Meeting 7:00 – 9:00
Go find a deal!