Join us on the FIRST Wednesday January 4th 2017 when NorCalREIA presents economist and investor Howard Blum

Learn how to CREATE a “Bird Letter” that actually gets the phone to ring & then make your presentations successful to your seller…

Howard has been heard on live television around the world.

Howard’s receives many of our “Bird Letters” for his properties, including his Sacramento investments. I know because I get the calls from him. Howard will ask me…” What are they thinking when they puke this stuff out “? Do they think I am really going to have a positive response and call them?

Howard Blum is an influential lecturer regarded for his abilities in analyzing complex economic issues and distilling them into plain English. An award winning and sought after speaker, Howard is routinely asked to present at colleges, universities and business groups around Northern California. His opinions and interest rate forecasting have been heard on live television around the world.

First hand, Howard will share what motivates sellers to contact us and how we can communicate what service/ solutions we provide to sellers.

Howard will cover:

• How to be more effective in trolling for properties.
• Learning from the mistakes of others competing against you.
• Making it a personal appeal.
• Do your mailers look anything like this?
• Mistakes with current mailers?
• Why you need to do it better.
• How can you make yours better?

Howard’s focus routinely includes comprehensive subjects, such as our banking and finance systems, the influence of the Federal Reserve as well as real estate trends. But more importantly to us, Howard is an active real estate investor with property holdings in CA, NM, UT and TX.

Howard speaks our language. He will share with us his views on identifying key issues, and how to gauge and manage their impact on our real estate business. We’re fortunate to have Howard address us in person!