July Meeting – How to Buy the Right Kind Of Income Properties— COLONIES


July 19th:

Another Three Part Series!

Part 2:

How to Buy the Right Kind Of Income Properties—COLONIES

With Don Collins,

a successful Fixer Jay Student with  35 Colony units in the last 5 years

Using time tested techniques taught by Fixer Jay DeCima, he will discuss subjects such as;

  • Don’t Leave Money Decisions To Others
  • Clearly Define Where, How and What You’ll Buy
  • 2 Powerful Wealth Tools
  • Getting Rich—Become an “Arranger”
  • Inside The Box Investing
  • Outside The Box Investing
  • Buying Colonies- Best Money Maker Conditions
  • Finding Properties To Buy — 4 Methods
  • Good Deals Are Never “Found”
  • The Numbers Matter – Percentages
  • Fix-Up—Adding Value to Colonies
  • New Values After Spruce-Up

As well as:
Annual Returns On Colony—From Where
Jay & Don’s Teaching Model—6 Properties, 40 Units4

June Meeting – Another 3-Part Series! Part 1: Creative Financing For Income Properties with Fixer Jay


June 21, 2012

June Meeting:

Another 3-Part Series!

Part 1:

Creative Financing For Income Properties With Fixer Jay

Fixer Jay Decima visits and reviews his method for creative financing on income and multi unit property – over the next few months we will have Jay and several of his successful students come by NorCal REIA to show us what they do and how they do it!

Topics we will cover in this meeting will include:

  1. Seller financing, why?
  2. Almost always available and cheaper.
  3. Sellers give the best terms!
  4. Sellers are always more flexible.
  5. Favorite Financing Techniques.
  6. Shelving Equity
  7. Lemonade Offers.
  8. Performance Notes.
  9. Financing without banks in this crazy market.
  10. Negotiating with a seller…Benefits not $$$$
  11. Excellent buyback opportunities
  12. Failure to communicate!
  13. Typical situations.
  14. Silent Strategy.
  15. Why I like Seller Financing when I sell.
  16. Documents needed for an owner financed loan.

Tools for today’s diverse market.

Learn more about Jay at his website Here.

May Meeting – Publisher Andrew Waite of Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine


May 17th – Publisher Andrew Waite of

“Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine.”

Journey into real estate and real estate investment through the lens of a publisher with a background in real estate, law and accounting.

He will share his Discoveries – What the real estate investment business is and is not…… and what YOU can do about it.

False wisdom – Pied pipers and falsities about how this business works……institutional and educational issues that many would-be investors fall prey to.

Learn to Channel dysfunction – Real estate professionals can sell but do not market well – why real estate investment will not be a mainstream business if it continues to do what it does. Discover what we are doing about it institutionally, media with some of America’s largest corporations, trends and opportunities facing us all in serving and satisfying the Invaluable Investor.

Get his recent article Here

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April Meeting – Sean O’Toole from Foreclosure Radar!


Join us for one of our largest meeting of the year, Third Thursday April 19th with
Sean O’Toole founder of Foreclosure Radar. Our last meeting over 130 investors
packed two rooms for the first part of our two part series and market update.

Third Thursday, April 19th, Part two. Sean O’Toole of foreclosure radar, is
teaching us what the statistics from Bruce’s part one are based on and where
he sees us going in this market, using his marketing tools. Sean spends over
a million dollars a year for access to this information. Hear Sean’s foreclosure
update, predictions on where we are headed and some thoughts on where he
currently see’s the best opportunities.

Part one, March 15, 2012. Bruce Norris enlightened us with informative statistics
about today’s market. Including ideas about the magical world of shadow
inventory and revealed how banks are hiding this mythical ball of inventory.
Statistics on the negative equity mix in California. Percentages of delinquent
loans and delinquent loans destined to become REOs or short sales.

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March Meeting – Our largest meeting of the year! Network with over 150 Investors! Bruce Norris and the Real Estate Rewind!


  March 15, 2012 – Bruce Norris

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Join Bruce Norris at the Northern Real Estate Rewind at NorcalREIA in Sacramento on March 15th as he reveals the most profitable source of deals in 2011. But he’s not just looking into the past — he’ll also give you ideas about what’s to come in 2012.

Learn as Bruce delves into the magical world of shadow inventory and reveals how banks are hiding this mythical ball of inventory.

He’ll cover:
• Loan modification failures and the unresolved pile of properties it left behind
• Percentages of delinquent loans and REOs sold in a bulk
• Delinquent loans destined to becoming REOs or short sales
• The staggering loss per property for Fannie Mae in California
• The status of NSP and First Look programs
• Length of stay for delinquent owners
• Negative equity mix in California
• The mix of REO vs short sales
• And a lot more

Bruce is carefully researching for his upcoming report, All In or Fold. Could the landscape of real estate change so much in the next few years that it will never again be the investment it once was? The answer is a resounding YES.

Due in April, the new report takes a hard look at owning rental property during the next decade and ponders this question: Could the next twelve months be the single best buying opportunity or our lifetime? The conclusions have yet to be made, but the study is in full swing.

Be there to learn the initial questions and vital stats we consider crucial during our preparations for 2012.

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February Meeting – Building Success one deal at a time


Mark your calendar the Third Thursday February 16th NorCalREIA presents

Building success – One deal at a time.


“It takes patience and perseverance, but you can make it big on little deals. You’re not going to get rich over night, but you will slowly.”

Will Stewart

Millionaire Real Estate Investor

Local investors in the trenches, share their experience, strategies and success.

NorCalREIA members Don Smallie (learn more) and Gordie McCarty (learn more) show you how taking action produces results. Newbie or experienced investor learn the skills and mind set it takes to be successful. Don flipped 30 houses in 2011 and is NOT slowing down.

Learn how to make SMART deals in a STUPID economy.

Good deals are made NOT found!

How maximizing efficiency produces results.

How they have created passive income.

These are local investors who are in the trenches every day. Don and Gordie will share their experience, strategies and success. Showing you how to INCREASE your success / profit or how to get your first deal DONE.

     Good deals are made NOT found. One deal at a time.

January Meeting – Business Strategy and Seller Financing Specialist, Greg Pinneo


January 19, 2012 – Greg Pinneo

Greg Pinneo Joins us at NorCalREIA this month!  Greg has been a full time Real Estate entrepreneur for 35 years with hundreds of deals under his belt.   His acquisition and finance strategies have weathered the storm of changing economic conditions, and are thriving in the climate that we are currently experiencing. Come learn from an expert in Business Strategy and Seller Financing!

At the meeting, we will cover such topics as,

  • How to capitalize specifically on National perceptions
  • How to successfully negotiate a seller’s involvement in financing
  • How to build your private finance pool so you will never have need for banks again, and how to build into your transactions “flexibilities” so that your finance package can stand the test of time
  • How to re-prioritize and re-focus your time for most effective results

Read his Full Bio Here

November 17 – Robert Taylor And Tom Wilson – Goal Setting and Business Planning


November 17, 2011

Goal setting and Business Planning

This month, educator and Investor Tom Wilson returns to NorCalREIA along with our very own Robert Taylor.  Robert will teach a Jim Rohn style goal-setting format designed to help us implement a process by which we can achieve our 2012 goals.  Mr. Wilson is also very excited to show us how to create and implement a business plan.  Tom started with a dream – set a goal, built a business plan, set out a shingle and today has a thriving business with over 230 units in his own portfolio.

  • Learn to set effective, S.M.A.R.T. goals.
  • Identify and plan for implementing a strategy to reach your goals.
  • Learn how to structure a business plan for maximum effectiveness in your niche market.

See you on the 17th!

October 20 – Tom Wilson


This coming month, popular Investor Tom Wilson speaks at NorCalREIA!  With over 35 years of experience, Tom is an authority on flipping and finding/managing cashflow property – come hear how to find the best cashflow property in the US!

Tom is a 35 year real estate investor and engineer who transitioned from a 30 year career managing Hi Tech companies in Silicon Valley to a full time investor in 2000.

Since then he has bought and sold over $100M of real estate, including 7 apartment buildings, 3 condo conversion projects, 3 syndications, 1700 total units and has flipped over 260 houses.

One of his companies, Wilson Investment Properties, provides to other investors quality turnkey high cash flow rental homes in Dallas/Ft. Worth where he holds 230 doors in his personal portfolio.

Tom will be able to cover several topics, including;

•Tom’s Top Tips – Tom will share his secrets from 35 years of successful investing.
•Is it better for me to invest for appreciation or cash flow?
•How much does each rental property variable affect the returns?
•How do rents vary across the country as compared to purchase prices?
•How long will it take for the market to turn around?
•How can I tell if a market is going to go up or down?
•What is the best investment choices methodology?
•How do I select the best region & products to invest in?
•How does Texas & Dallas/Ft.Worth compare to other regions for investing?
•What is Tom’s business model that locates and produces such successful products?
•What is the best way to protect my assets?
•What is one of the most overlooked and easiest ways of maximizing sales of properties and to beat your competition?
•How big is the shadow inventory?
• Are the government and banks going to open up the floodgates of the shadow inventory?
•     Are loans for investors going to get better?
See you on the 20th!

September 15, 2011 — Bo Snell and Eric Grathwol


This coming month we will have Bo Snell and Eric Grathwol join us to speak about Financing.  We will learn pros and cons from both the private lender and the conventional financing side of the coin for flipping or rental ownership.

I Survived Real Estate 2011 – Benefit for Susan G Komen

On October 14, 2011 The Norris Group will put on their yearly ‘I Survived’ event at the Nixon Library.  It is not only the premier real estate event of the year but also a great fundraiser for the Susan G Komen foundation.

Click Here

for more information and to donate!  We’ll see you down there!

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