Join us on the Second Wednesday April 11th when Adrian Del Rio and Michael Ryan, multi unit investors & brokers share their experience, including how to evaluate, calculate and negotiate on a rental acquisition, in today’s rental market.


Thank you for your support. Bruce not only filled the rooms at our last meeting but he describe “statistically” the upside in our Real Estate market. Is it time for you to step – JUMP off the side lines and get going? Maybe a duplex, going old school and living in one side?


Seasoned investor wish do you had the properties you flipped or sold. Age old Cadillac problems. Can you build a successful rental business by providing a safe, peaceful environment and creating long term tenants?


In February 2018, announced the top 20 Hottest Real Estate Markets in the U.S.A. Once again Northern California has “9” of the top 20 cities. Yes in our own back yard! Motivated yet? Still napping?  Stepping up your game?


Join us the Second Wednesday April 11th when Adrian and Michael, multiunit investors & brokers explore these and many more topics:


  • The Sacramento Multifamily Market Past & Present
  • Offer Negotiations – Is your offer Dead on Arrival?
  • Due Diligence – What do you do when your offer gets accepted?
  • Owners – What does your record keeping look like?
  • Are Rent Controls coming?
  • Make your money on “The Way In”. If you take this mindset than you’ll make smart investments during any economic cycle.
  • Where is the market trending and is there still money to be made?
  • Learn how to successfully negotiate in Today’s market or any market
  • Calculations you MUST know to acquire multifamily and commercial


Participate with NorCalREIA and other members as support during Buying Economic Cycles. It is easier said than done because buying in a “HOT” market is scary because we think the market will fall out from under us. Buying in a downturn is full of pessimism and “what if” or “yeah but”. Simple NOT Easy!

See you April 11th…