Annual Panel discussion – August 16, 2012

“Getting into the game and building your business in today’s market”

We have had a fabulous year of in-depth, hands on education.
Greg Pinneo, Bruce Norris, Sean O’Toole, Andrew Waite and Fixer Jay.   Next month we will discuss how to implement this information.

Learning from those who have taken action and found success.

Including: Laurel Sagen and Eric Grathwol
Tools for today’s diverse market.

Some topics to be covered next month:

  • Where are these deals?
  • How YOU find a good deal.
  • Have your ducks in a row.
  • Don’t be a pretender.
  • Just because it’s a “deal” doesn’t mean it’s a “good” deal.

Don’t leave money decisions to others!

  • Learn where the deals are at.
  • How you can find good deals!
  • Financing banks, seller and hard money loans.
  • If you don’t ask for seller financing, you will never get it!
  • Get rich becoming an “Arranger” – a ‘Transactional Engineer’

Good deals are NEVER “found” – but they ARE created!