This Month – August 18, 2011

John T Reed.

Sought-after National Speaker and real estate investing expert John T. Reed makes a rare appearance in Northern California at NorCalREIA!

Mr. Reed has been investing in Real Estate for over 23 years.  He has appeared on numerous TV shows including 60 Minutes and Larry King and is an expert with many investment strategies.

Mr. Reed has owned 117 rental units and 3 SFR properties over his career. He writes about various aspects of real estate acquisition and cashflow.

This coming meting he will discuss how the game has changed since the 1960’s – why he has changed his game plan and why he sees most investors operating in an outdated and ineffective way.

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Mr. Reed spoke nonstop for two and a half hours and

every single sentence

was a valuable nugget of time tested experience from an expert investor.  Bringing knowledge from not just Real Estate but all walks of investing, Mr. Reed provided us with a grounded and impressive perspective on the benefits and pitfalls of investing in Real Estate.

If you would like to hear more from Mr. Reed, you can find all of his resources on his page  Right Here.