April 12th.   Join PropertyRadar and learn to FARM Public Records to GROW your business in a Flat Real Estate Market.

“Targeted Local Marketing Made Easy”


****** Please join us 5:30 – 6:30 Networking Hour Bonus: ******

Bring your laptop and we’ll walk you through…

  • Identifying your geo-target market
  • Creating your first criteria based list
  • Setting up a direct mail campaign

Marketing and advertising today is complex, confusing, and often tilted against the very small local business.

But you have access to a “secret weapon”: Public records.

Mix some good marketing habits with a little technology and a lot of data, and you can grow amidst a flat and increasingly competitive real estate market.

FARMing Public Records to Grow in a Flat Real Estate Market Public data has become a critical advantage for big business when it comes to learning about customers. With it, they can better develop, market, and sell everything from shoelaces to allergy medications, as well as rapidly out-compete local business in the process.

But big business doesn’t own public data. Organizations at every level, including Real Estate Investors – agents, are just as capable of unlocking the boundless market intelligence it provides.
When deftly wielded, public data becomes a powerful catalyst of market wisdom, able to turn mid-level investors – agents into top producers. With the right data and proper tools, you can own your market. Let us show you how to do it.

Join PropertyRadar CMO David LaPlante and Director of Customer Success Kim Bennett for insights, perspective, and a practical how-to guide to leverage public records data to identify and find deals within your market.

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