July 19th:

Another Three Part Series!

Part 2:

How to Buy the Right Kind Of Income Properties—COLONIES

With Don Collins,

a successful Fixer Jay Student with  35 Colony units in the last 5 years

Using time tested techniques taught by Fixer Jay DeCima, he will discuss subjects such as;

  • Don’t Leave Money Decisions To Others
  • Clearly Define Where, How and What You’ll Buy
  • 2 Powerful Wealth Tools
  • Getting Rich—Become an “Arranger”
  • Inside The Box Investing
  • Outside The Box Investing
  • Buying Colonies- Best Money Maker Conditions
  • Finding Properties To Buy — 4 Methods
  • Good Deals Are Never “Found”
  • The Numbers Matter – Percentages
  • Fix-Up—Adding Value to Colonies
  • New Values After Spruce-Up

As well as:
Annual Returns On Colony—From Where
Jay & Don’s Teaching Model—6 Properties, 40 Units4