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June 14th Aaron Norris

“Technology Trends and Effects on Real Estate”

Don’t miss this chance to learn how investors and consumers alike are using technology as their competitive edge in real estate!

Have words like Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and the Gig Economy been popping up in your news feed and you’re completely unclear on what they mean for your business — or what they mean for real estate? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Technological advances have been speedier and major companies are vying to be first to garner your attention and loyalty, not to mention your hard-earned dollars. Join Aaron Norris as he simplifies some of the biggest technology trends and specifically breaks it down on what these advances could mean for real estate and the economy as Aaron covers:

  • 7 Factors Driving Massive Technology Progress
  • The 5 Major Brands to Watch
  • Do you know where Google, Amazon, Walmart and Tesla are building facilities? In our own back yard, Reno.
  • This will this have an effect on Real Estate…
  • The 8 Major Technology Sectors to Watch and Their Potential Ramifications for the Real Estate Market.
  • How Technology is Changing The Way We Look at How Homes Are Built
  • Details on a Cool, New Project that Might Inspire Your Next Big Real Estate Deal
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