Richard Kelly shares his success (1st Wednesday in January) 01-07-2015

Please make note our next meeting is on the “FIRST” Wednesday, January 7th 2015.














Please make note our first meeting in 2015 we are on the “FIRST” Wednesday January 7th.


Join us on the “FIRST” Wednesday January 7th 2015 for one of our favorite speakers.

Richard Kelly

Richard shares his success and teaches how to:

Create success in your real estate business by getting out of your comfort zone

– breathe deep and jump in!

Richard Kelly is a top investor who’s grown his real estate business in the Bay Area. His focus is doing real estate right: keeping it simple and profitable by flipping some, keeping some, and making sure there’s lots of upside.

He’s always learning — and he has lots of new experiences that will make you big money and save you big money, too.

  • How to find high-profit deals
  • How get succeed, even if you have little to no money for investment
  • How to owner financing can super charge your deals
  • Getting outside your real estate comfort zone — the good, the bad and the ugly!Richard’s been a full-time real estate investor for the past 10 years. Before switching into investment, Mr. Kelly worked was a journalist for 12 years. He has a BA in Economics and an MBA in Finance.

Three NorCalREIA members share their secrets to success – November 12th


Join us on Wednesday November 12th @ 7 pm three NorCalREIA members share their secrets to success…


Learn how to start or enhance your Real Estate business.


Robert Taylor: Developing systems and habits for increased profitability.
Laurel Sagen: Running your business profitably, like a business.
Gordie McCarty: Ready Fire & Aim




These Real Estate investors share in a “Ted Talk” format how and why they do what they do day in and day out.


Success is not by luck, but by hard work, working smart and building systems to create a successful business.


Join us, as these three investors teach what over 20 years of experience has taught them, through first-hand experience.

This important presentation will make the difference in your financial outlook in 2014.

Crowne Plaza 5321 Date Ave Sacramento   Off highway 80 and Madison Ave


Visit www.NorCalREIA.com for more info and “FREE resources” in Real Estate Investing and register

under “Join Us” free market updates and real estate transitions.


Howard Blum on Wednesday October 8th

Economist / Speaker Howard Blum on Wednesday October 8th @ 7 pm

How is YOUR Crystal Ball Working?


Howard is an award winning public speaker that loves to talk about complex

economic subjects in plain English.

Howard is a paid lecturer on the subject of economics, the Federal Reserve, our banking system, the financing industry and real estate trends.

Join us as Howard discusses “Segments of the property market we can expect to prosper, in the upcoming short and medium term: Where and Why



 Howard is a frequent guest lecturer at colleges, Universities and business groups around Northern CA. Howard’s opinions and interest rate forecasting have been heard on live television in many countries around the world Howard is also an active real estate investor with property holdings in CA, NM, UT and TX.

Yes, Howard is a successful investor just like us!


About Howard Blum

Many things can be said about Howard Blum as a person, a business professional, a member of his community and as a concerned citizen of the United States. Former President Jimmy Carter once said, “The highest office one can achieve is that of citizen.” That philosophy is fully embraced by Howard Blum as illustrated by his personal motto. It says, “Life is about living, learning, sharing and making a contribution to society before we depart.”

Howard Blum is the founder and owner of The Financial News and Information Service. The Financial News & Information Service produces newsletters for lenders, Realtors and escrow staff. The newsletters draw

threads through what is happening in the national economy, where things may be headed and why as well as the potential impact of the economic situation on the bond market and interest rates and how it will impact the housing market and us as individuals is the core focus of the newsletters. They also zero in on what the Federal Reserve is doing, why they are doing it and what is likely to happen ahead.

Howard is also the owner and founder of Pro Mobile Notary providing professional mobile notary document signing services nationwide. Born, raised and educated in New York City, Howard Blum is also a Vietnam Era veteran having served on ‘Active Duty’ for the US Navy from 1964 through 1966. Most of his time in the Navy he was attached to Submarine Squadron 10 out of New London, Conn.


This important presentation will make the difference in your financial outlook in 2014.

Crowne Plaza 5321 Date Ave Sacramento Off highway 80 and Madison Ave


Visit www.NorCalREIA.com for more info and “FREE resources” in Real Estate Investing and register

under “Join Us” free market updates and real estate transitions.

Wednesday September 10th – Tony Alvarez


Tony Alvarez  “The” Real Estate Educator

Tony has accumulated millions twice.

Tony has also lost everything twice!

Join us for Tony’s 2014 Retirement presentation with over 100 dedicated Investors.


7 Secret Steps To Making & KEEPING Millions

in the Real Estate Game



Wednesday September 10th @ 7 pm

Tony is entertaining, motivating, and hilarious! 

This meeting will be a real eye opener for the new or seasoned investor.


Join us as self-made Multimillionaire Real Estate Investor Tony Alvarez will share his cutting-edge streetwise secret techniques and strategies for how he became wealthy in the real estate investing game, and how new as well as experienced investors must embrace a new & improved way of thinking and doing the real estate business to stay on the cutting edge. Whether you’re just getting started or continuing to grow your real estate business in 2014 – don’t miss this very personal and intimate outstanding presentation!

What we’ll cover in this meeting:

  • Why we continue to consistently make money in an ever changing real estate world

  • The best deals we’ve done recently

  • Where and why we are still BUYING

  • Who is still loaning us low interest investment capital

  • Tony’s view of the future of real estate…Where do I think we are headed in the real estate market

  • What’s my personal “GPS” for the next 5 years in real estate

  • AND…For the curious and new to real estate – What steps do I suggest you take TODAY, to quickly get started making money in the real estate GAME


About Tony Alvarez

Tony Alvarez has been a successful Real Estate Investor and Certified General Appraiser in Southern California area since 1981. More importantly, Tony made a fortune buying and selling properties while working with professional real estate Agents that specialize in selling lender owned (REO) foreclosure properties. He did it all in seven years and in one of the lowest priced most depressed Southern California real estate markets, the Antelope Valley.

Tony has purchased, rehabbed, rented and sold hundreds of properties from vacant land to condos, single family residences, apartments and commercial properties. Tony started his real estate career working as a staff appraiser for Great Western and Glendale Federal Bank and is approved by hundreds of Lenders and Insurance Companies, as well as, Government Agencies. He has worked with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, FDIC and the RTC (Resolution Trust Corp.) He has an in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of Lenders and their REO (lender owned) departments.
Tony’s knowledge of real estate, appraisal, finance, and investing is vast and varied. He brings a unique perspective to the real estate investment community.

Tony is a sought after speaker and instructor and has previously spoken at The Norris Group’s Multi-Millionaire Maker in 2005 and 2006, as well as, other Real Estate Investment Clubs and top real estate offices throughout Southern California. Although Tony made over $10,000,000 in the last down turn he still manages his own rental property business from the same “ugly little office” he’s been working out of for years. Tony also teaches courses and classes as well as coaches new up and coming real estate investors on how to get the edge making millions buying, selling, renting and managing distressed properties in this crazy unpredictable real estate market.



Wednesday August 6th John Houghton




Wednesday August 6th at 7 pm

STOP being BUSY!

John Houghton is a Speaker, Trainer, and Strategic Coach

Learning to bring clarity and focus into your life.”

Join John as he teaches us to develop clarity, strategy and momentum in our life & work. As a Strategic Coach John works with business owners and executives to increase their personal effectiveness and vocational enjoyment. His coaching and consulting draw on his extensive, varied and successful background in retail, radio, the record industry, consulting, ministry training, and experience with personal transformation as a pastor.


This incredibly important presentation could seriously make the difference for your outlook in 2014.

If you find yourself doing too much, or not knowing what to do next, and you’re struggling just to do it again tomorrow, you need to know your “why.”


  • Knowing your “why” is key to managing what you do, and how you do it most effectively.
  • Knowing your “why” brings clarity, focus, alignment, and the ability to flow in the moment.
  • Knowing your “why” raises your level of confidence.
  • Knowing your “why” aligns your purpose with your time management and helps improve your performance.
  • Knowing your “why” increases your sense of authenticity and helps you form the right strategic relationships.
  • Knowing your “why” helps you understand your field of play and how to improve your skills.
  • Knowing your “why” is the basis for managing your time and resources to the optimum.
  • Knowing your “why” help you sort what should and should not be on your plate.
  • Knowing your “why” helps you develop your short and long range goals more effectively.
  • Knowing your “why” increases your creativity and flexibility of thought.

All meetings are @ Crowne Plaza 5321 Date Ave Sacramento Off highway 80 and Madison Ave

Visit www.NorCalREIA.com for more info and register under “Join Us” for free market updates.


John Schaub Wednesday July 9th


NorCalREIA presents John Schaub

It just keeps getting BIGGER and BETTER.

There were over 100 investors last meeting!

How to retire sooner, with more”

 John Schaub  Author of Building Wealth One House at a Time

Do you want to retire in style while you are young enough to enjoy it?  How you invest today will determine when and how you retire. Regardless of your age, this plan will work for you. Visit www.JohnSchaub.com


     Topics include:

  • Knowing how much you need and having a plan to get it
  • Investing to produce the cash flow you want
  • When to sell, what to sell first, and how to sell
  • Personal Residence Strategies
  • Rules to help you avoid making the wrong investments
  • Protecting your assets from others and from yourself
  • Proven retirement plan investment strategies
  • Forming your succession plan to insure your money lasts longer than you do








Learn Why Your RETIREMENT Position is More Critical Than Ever.

Second Wednesday July 9th at 7 pm

Join us for the Meeting Before The Meeting – 5:30pm–6:15 Networking – 6:15–7:00



David Granzella


Founder Since 2004




NorCalREIA – Celebrating 10 years 


Northern California Real Estate Investment Association




O: 916.791.8322


C: 916.223.5564



Save the date Second Wednesday June 11th


NorCalREIApresents Sean O’Toole

One of our LARGEST meetings of the year!

Market Update and Buying Right”


Learn Why Your Investment Position in 2014 is More Critical Than Ever.

Second Wednesday June 11th at 7 pm

Join us for the Meeting Before The Meeting – 5:30pm – 6:30

FREE Hands-On PropertyRadar Workshop!

Do you understand the current housing climate and how we got here?


Want to know what lies ahead? 


Join NorCalREIA and Sean O’Toole to unveil key indicators and tipping points that foretell what lies ahead for California real estate investors.

Sean road the tech bubble in the 90s, then sold all of his stocks at the end 99 before the crash. 


He then bought gold in 2002 and road the real estate bubble until 2005 when he sold all of his properties before the bubble burst.


Sean saw the coming wave of foreclosures before anyone else and launched ForeclosureRadar, which grew to be the top information service in the country and was featured on 60 minutes. 


Sean then shorted the market in Sept 2008, and correctly predicted there would be NO wave of foreclosures in 2009 when everyone else said it was coming. Sean launched PropertyRadar in 2013.”

Sean O’Toole successfully purchased and flipped more than 150 residential and commercial foreclosures before launching PropertyRadar. Leveraging 15 years in the software industry, Sean used technology as a key competitive advantage to build his successful real estate investment track record. At this meeting you will learn:

  • Market Update for Investors
  • Buying Right – The Best Deals
  • Reducing Risk
  • Managing Time
  • How to Find Opportunities Today

Discover if we going to fall off a cliff or make millions? Exactly how should California Real Estate investors be prepared for an explosion in investment opportunities, a serious drought or more appreciation in 2014?  Sean O’ Toole, PropertyRadar CEO explains why investors need to carefully watch trigger points that could blow up the economy and everything we believe about smart investing.

Learn how 2013 set the stage for 2014, which economic scenarios could unfold and what real estate investors absolutely must do to be prepared to make money and reduce risk. Learn new angles and how to leverage data like you’ve never thought possible, or even a good idea.

This incredibly important presentation that could seriously make the difference in boom or bust for your own financial outlook in 2014.

Second Wednesday June 11th, 2014

Market Update and Buying Right”
Presented by Sean O’Toole, PropertyRadar

Join us for the Meeting Before The Meeting – 5:30pm – 6:30

FREE Hands-On PropertyRadar Workshop!


Come early, bring your Tablet or laptop and we’ll do live searches for investment deals using PropertyRadar. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn directly from the CEO Sean O’Toole!


Michael Morrongiello meeting May 2014


NorCalREIA Monthly Meeting Wednesday May 14th, 2014

Where is today’s market going?

2014 State of the Union for The Individual Real Estate Investor

What is going on around us?
What issues are we facing?
Where will the opportunities be this year?
What should you be aware of?

Plus – How do we deal with Dodd-Frank It’s here, it’s restrictive and it’s frightening.

New Harmful Legislation for the Individual Investor we must be aware of…

Join us for this insightful and timely discussion.

Michael Morrongiello is an active investor who specializes in Real Estate & Real Estate “Paper” investments.
Widely known as having one of the most knowledgeable & creative minds in the paper business, Michael
started creating paper as a result of his own Real Estate investment activities in the early 1980’s. He is
very active in the Buy/Sell renovation business of properties here in the SF Bay Area. He creates his deals
through his own marketing. Michael is the founder of www.BAWB.info

Meeting Time:
5:30-6:15 meeting before the meeting
6:15-7:00 networking
7:00-9:00 meeting
9:00-10:00 networking

Meeting Location:
Crowne Plaza 5321 Date Ave
Sacramento, CA 95841 916.338.5800
(Off I-80 at Madison Ave)

This meeting is FREE to members and
$25 for non-members.

Annual membership
$170.00 and $250.00 for couples.

  • All are Welcome to Attend!

Bruce Norris – Secrets to Becoming Wealthy in the Property Buy/Sell Business


Bruce NorrisJoin us and over 100 investors on the Second Wednesday, March 12th for NorCalREIA’s meeting where you can learn to both manage and increase your wealth. And who better to learn it from than the real estate guru himself: Bruce Norris will discuss:

• Changing your results by changing your attitude
• The importance of being sophisticated and how this is beneficial for growth
• Maximizing your profits by increasing your exposure
• Creating a wealth team
• Becoming a successful business owner

You do not want to miss this event. Bruce Norris has over 30 years of experience in the real estate business and has successfully done over 2,000 real estate transactions. With this knowledge and experience, Bruce has passed this knowledge on and helped so many in California to succeed in their business.

At the NorCalREIA Real Estate Investors Association, investors have the chance to meet and network with over 100 other investors in the area. Here you have the chance to get your questions answered and discuss investing with others just like you. Save your seat register at www.NorCalREIA.com

Jay DeCima shows you how to acquire the right kind of properties


This is our 10 year anniversary, 2004 – 2014.
Thank you for your continued support..
David Granzella

Second Wednesday February 12th

Investor and Best Selling Author Jay DeCima shows you how to acquire the right kind of properties that can make you
financially secure, create a sizable
monthly income… and build your retirement.

This is the first of our three
“In depth success plan.”

What: Fixer Jay on February 12th

When: Bruce Norris on March 12th President of The Norris Group

Why: Sean O’Toole on May 14th
President of Property Radar

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