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Stay Put, Cash Out, or Change Seats?

Northern California Real Estate Investors Association (NorCalREIA)

Date: March 09, 2016, 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm


Bruce Norris shares with Northern California Real Estate Investors Association (NorCalREIA) critical insights into the California real estate market in 2016 for California real estate investors. He’ll share reasons why investors should stay put, sell, or 1031 exchange into other opportunities.


Join Bruce Norris at in Northern California Real Estate Investors Association (NORCALREIA) on March 9 as Bruce Norris shares reasons why California real estate investor should consider staying put, cashing in, and/or 1031 exchanging into other inventory here in California. The Norris Group conducted a survey in late 2015 which showed investors’ biggest concern heading into 2016 was whether or not California had hit its peak. Inventory is tight, the competition remains fierce, and investors are left wondering if it’s time to run for the hills!

Join Bruce Norris as he explores:

  • The most important word in real estate
  • 4 reasons to stay put
  • 4 reasons to cash out
  • 4 reasons to change seats
  • 5 signals of a peak
  •  Indispensable lessons in the buy/sell business
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